Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Extra Time - Official Launch Day is here for Book 2 in the Striker Trilogy!

Yes, we finally got there. Almost seven months after I released Striker - Book #1 in this trilogy of books - the second installment is finally there on those virtual bookshelves, because today is the official launch day for Extra Time, Book #2 in the sexy Striker Trilogy. And once more we rejoin the lives of Amber, Ryan, Jim and Ronnie as the game continues...

Extra Time begins just a few months after Striker, Book #1 in the trilogy, left off, and the lives of Amber, Jim, Ryan and Ronnie have all moved on…

*If you haven’t yet read Striker, then please be aware of slight spoilers contained in this synopsis*

Professional footballer Ryan Fisher is out of rehab, back on his feet, and determined to show the world he’s a changed man. With a new girlfriend, and the captaincy of Newcastle Red Star now his, he has it all to play for. But Ryan isn’t finding it all that easy to leave his old life behind. Especially when so much of it is still so close to home; when a life he didn’t realise he wanted until it was far too late is still right there in front of him. Does he reach out and try to grab it a second time? Or does he make a decision to leave it all behind in the only way he knows how, before temptation becomes too hard to resist…

Amber’s life is moving along at breakneck speed. She’s newly married to the man of her dreams, and she has a new career as a presenter with a major TV satellite sports channel, alongside her best friend, ex-footballer-turned-TV pundit Ronnie White. But is everything as happy and settled as she’d like it to be? Has she finally found her happy-ever-after? Or is the past just waiting to creep up on her…

At the age of forty-nine, Jim Allen feels as though his life is just beginning. He has the woman he’s loved for over twenty years by his side, and his career as one of the country’s most successful football managers is on the ascendant. But Jim knows all is not as it seems. He knows there are more secrets just waiting to come out, secrets that could potentially damage his new life. And this time, they’re secrets he isn’t sure he can control. Is a past he’s spent so long trying to hide finally starting to catch up with him?

As those secrets slowly start to reveal themselves, everyone’s lives once more become entangled as faces from the past and dreams of the future collide, and sex, lies and betrayal all play a part in turning all their worlds upside down. All over again. And when a secret of her own adds to Amber’s heartache, is running back to her old life the best way to escape the pain? Or just the easy option. Is she really strong enough to let go of a man whose hold over her is something she just can’t break, even if everything inside of her is screaming at her to do so.

But when that old life starts to take hold in a way no one could have envisaged, the game changes once again…

Extra Time - The game continues… but just who is winning…?

*Please note - Extra Time contains some fairly graphic sex scenes, strong language, and adult content*


So, there we have it. Book two is now out there, the story's moved on, but the game isn't over. Final Score, the third and final installment in the trilogy, is due for release in early 2014.

Extra Time is available to download now from Amazon.

Striker, Book #1 in the Trilogy, is also available to download from both Amazon and the Kobo Store.

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