Wednesday, 10 July 2013

'Striker' - my ultimate fantasy cast list...

As someone who spends most of her life living in a fantasy world, it's no surprise that what I love doing best when I write my books is picturing my characters in my head as though they were real people - and what I love doing even more is going into full-on fantasy mode by then taking that one step further and imagining who would play those characters should that particular book be made into a movie/TV series. I do that a lot. It actually helps with the writing, in a strange kind of way. 

Anyway, as I gear up for the release of ' Extra Time', the follow-up to Striker and Book #2 in my sexy soccer trilogy, I thought that, even though I've probably done this to death, I'd take you through who I think would be perfect to play the characters from Striker, when it's made into that fabulous TV series I think it would make... ;)

And I think, first of all, we should tackle (see what I did there?) the main character, Striker himself - bad boy footballer Ryan Fisher. Who would I love to play him? Threesome and The Paradise actor Emun Elliot.

Emun Elliot as Richie Valentine in Comedy Central's 'Threesome'
Now, even though he has the most gorgeous Scottish accent (I could listen to him speak all day...), Ryan Fisher is actually a Geordie, but I'm absolutely positive Mr. Elliot could do a cracking job of my native north east dialect. In fact, just imagining him with that Newcastle twang is actually quite a turn-on... as though the man himself wouldn't be enough of one!! 

He just fits how I imagine Ryan Fisher to look perfectly. He's handsome, hot, and... well, that just about covers it, really... I couldn't imagine anyone else playing him. 'Nuff said, I think...

 Emun Elliot
Right. Who's next? Let's move onto the character of Amber Sullivan - a beautiful, feisty, female sports reporter. At first I imagined her being played by one of my favourite actresses, Sarah Parish. But because she's actually slightly older than Amber is I had a few second thoughts about that one. But another brilliant British actress sprung to mind that could play Amber perfectly - Suranne Jones

Suranne Jones

She's played some strong, feisty characters in her time, and I think she'd be great as Amber. We might have to dye her hair dark red, though... 

Okay. Next character for the casting couch would be that of manager of the fictional football team in the book, Newcastle Red Star - Jim Allen.
Jim Allen is handsome, charasmatic, and American. An ex-player turned manager he's back on Tyneside to head-up the club he used to play for, bringing with him a secret from the past, and a whole lot of trouble... 

Who would be the perfect man for this character? Those of you who know me well already know the answer to this one - it's Person of Interest star Jim Caviezel.

Jim Caviezel as John Reese in 'Person of Interest'
His character of John Reese in that show is very similar to how I imagine Jim Allen to be - quite guarded, a little enigmatic, but with a low, sexy voice that makes him darkly attractive.  And as the character of Jim, along with Ryan, gets quite a few of the more steamy scenes in the book, he has to be hot! Or those scenes just wouldn't work. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it...

More Jim Caviezel... Look! He even looks like a football manager in this photo!

So, there's no arguments with this one - it's Jim Caviezel or nobody!!

The final main character in the book is that of Ronnie White - an ex-player-turned-TV pundit and Amber's best friend. And for this character I'd be pinning my hopes on a bloke who isn't actually an actor, but who would be perfect for the part so I'm sure we could train him up. Jamie Redknapp! Who is, coincidentally, an ex-player-turned-TV pundit himself... Perfect, eh? ;)

Jamie Redknapp
Couldn't have cast that one better...

Anyway, that's the main characters sorted, but what about the others who play a part in Striker?

There's Amber's boss, Kevin Russell. He's the producer at the Newcastle-based news station she works for, and I'm going local for this one and saying that the lovely Robson Green would be great as Kevin! He'd bring the dry humour that Kevin has into the role, and I think he'd be just perfect to play that character. I'm quite pleased with that choice... And he's a northern boy! I mean, I've got to have at least one north east actor in this, haven't I? Seeing as it's set mainly in Newcastle.

Robson Green
Next we have Amber's father, ex-footballer-turned manager of a lower league local club, Freddie Sullivan.
I had to think about this one for a while, but all of a sudden the name Sam Neill popped into my head. He's always been a favourite actor of mine, and I actually think he'd be great as Freddie. 

Sam Neill
So, there we have it - my ideal cast list for that yet-to-be-devised TV series Striker - the north east of England's answer to Footballers Wives! I can knock out a script in a couple of days if anyone's interested... 'Fifty Shades of Football' has quite a ring to it, don't you think... ;)

Anyway, I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this, and if you yourself have got a fantasy cast list in mind for one of your books - or you're a reader who'd like to devise their own fantasy cast list for a book you've loved - let me know, and I'll feature it here on my blog. Could make a new regular fun feature out of that idea, actually... 

In the meantime, if you've read Striker, please let me know what you think of my choices for those main characters in the book, and if you disagree with any of them, who do you think would have fitted the character better? 

Striker is available to download HERE from Amazon, and it's also now available HERE for Kobo.

And you can read the first chapter of Striker HERE for free. 

And don't forget, Extra Time, the second book in the Striker Trilogy, is due for release in September 2013! Watch this space...


  1. I was thinking maybe Pierce Brosnan for Freddie...or Liam Neeson too.x

    1. It's funny you should mention Pierce Brosnan, because he was another possibility for Freddie. And I actually LOVE the idea of Liam Neeson! I adore Liam Neeson... x