Monday, 29 July 2013

'Striker' kicks-off with a brand new cover!

So, this week sees the - I suppose you could call it a re-launch, if you like - of my very steamy, sexy soccer romance, Striker. But this time it has a brand new cover! Why?

Well, it was actually my husband's idea to change it. He thought the image of a football/soccer ball on the original cover might just be putting people off actually giving the book a chance, because it could be sending out the wrong signals. It may have been leading people into thinking that the book was more to do with football than it really was. And that wasn't the message I wanted to send out. I know how much a lot of people - women especially - loathe football/soccer, and therefore being faced with a book that has the image of a football on the cover is surely enough to put anyone with a dislike of the sport right off buying it. 

New cover... Better?
But one thing women do (sometimes) like is a sexy footballer. And you don't have to like the sport or watch the game to admire one of those now, do you? Think David Beckham, Jamie Redknapp, Cesc Fabregas, David Villa... I could go on. But then I'll just get horribly distracted...

Anyway, that is what Striker is actually about - it's about Ryan Fisher, a hot, young, sexy footballer with a cocky attitude and an ego bigger than he can handle. But the women love him! It's about the relationships between the people who are involved in the sport; but it's most definitely more about the sex than the soccer! And that was the message I wanted the cover of the book to get across. It's a story set against the backdrop of professional football - it isn't a book about football. Far from it. And I hope that's what this new cover does. I hope it lets people know what the book is really about, and that football is just a backdrop. It's not the subject matter. 

The original cover.
Striker is a story of secrets, sex, power and fame involving hot men and beautiful women - it's a little bit of edgy, erotic escapism, pure and simple. A "bonkbuster", if you like. A cross between Footballers' Wives and Jackie Collins, I call it "Fifty Shades of Football", and it does have its moments, if you get my drift... There's off-pitch action in there you'll never see on Match of the Day, believe me...

So, if you hate football, that really doesn't matter. If you love a sexy story that draws you into another world for a few hours, and you don't blush easily, then you might just like Striker, because, you really don't have to like football to like this book. I promise! 

Striker is available to download HERE.

Right, well, I'd better get back to putting the finishing touches to the second installment of the Striker Trilogy. So, if you've already read Striker, and you're waiting to see how the story continues, 'Extra Time' "kicks off" in September!

Have a great day!


  1. Good luck with the revamp/launch, Michelle. Hope it brings success and, of course, sales!!