Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Kobo Update! More books added...

Just a little update on the Kobo situation - I now have 6 of my 7 books available to download from the Kobo site. 'Too Much Trouble in Paradise' is still available only from Amazon, but it will be added to Kobo later in the year. 

So, No Matter What, Illusions of Love, See You At The Show, Striker, Bon Voyage and Christmas Without Icing can all be found HERE at the Kobo store. 

And they are, of course, all still available to download from Amazon, too.
So, whether it's rock star romance, a sexy Hollywood saga, or a light-hearted dose of chick lit you're after, my books are now available on more platforms, and from more places. 

Happy reading! :)  

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