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It isn't, okay? So, sorry for shouting there. I'm blaming the lack of calories; the "diet" started this morning... anyway, what I'm trying to say is, my latest book, Striker, really isn't a book about football. Despite the fact there's a football on the cover, but it's right next to a red stiletto, which kind of tells you something about the book right there.

And I know I've tried to hammer this point home before but I really feel the need to get me tools out and hammer it just that little bit harder, because I still don't think people are getting it.


Striker, is set in and around the world of professional football/soccer, I can't deny that, but it is not a book about the game itself. And I really feel I have to make that point again because I know, and I know because people have told me, that the subject of football is one that turns some of them away from the book rather than drawing them to it. However, what those people have said is that they weren't sure about a book that was set amidst the world of football but they were so happy they'd given the book a go because, after reading it, they loved it! And they loved it because the book is not in any way about bloody football! The main characters may all, in some way, be involved in the sport, but that's where it ends. The book concentrates on their relationships, not their work lives. You really don't have to like football to like this book, I promise you.

Now, I could have gone the safe route and created a book about a handsome, millionaire playboy businessman, the kind a lot of women dream about, and one who would love them to join him in his quest to live out every sexual fantasy he's ever had, and that probably would have worked a hell of a lot better than Striker. I know I'd read it... But I didn't want to do that. I didn't want to play it safe. I've tried playing safe and I didn't really enjoy it. So instead I created a sexy, bad boy footballer with a shed-load of problems - but there's more to him than that. Ryan Fisher could have been anyone, in any setting, in any walk of life. But I chose to make him a footballer. Why? Because I like a challenge. Footballers aren't always the most popular of people, I know that. We tend to stereotype them, and sometimes they don't help themselves. And, yes, because I've chosen to make my male protagonist a professional footballer a lot of readers may well give the book a wide berth. And I'm really sad about that, because Ryan Fisher isn't what he may seem on the surface. Oh, not everyone is going to like him, not straightaway, anyway, that's a given. And I know that a lot of readers want a main character they can either fall in love with or identify with. But I don't always write like that. For some reason I like to go down the sometimes grittier route, where love isn't always easy and the situations are sometimes hard. But that's how I like to work at the minute. My books are definitely more Jackie Collins than Jill Mansell, with strong language and sex scenes that might make you blush, but that's the way I'm rolling right now. And I've committed myself to writing three books in this Striker Trilogy so if you really don't like football - if even the mention of the sport and the men who play it really turn you off that much, then you may want to avoid my writing for the next year or so. But, if you like bonkbusters, steamy sex scenes - and yes, quite a few of them take place inside a football stadium/dressing room/manager's office... but none of them actually involve a football ;) - and books that you might not exactly lend to your granny - mind you, that all depends on the granny, I suppose - then you could do worse than give Striker a go. One reviewer kind of summed it up, really, after reading the book (and giving it 5 stars!) by saying if you love Footballers' Wives and Jackie Collins novels, then you'll love Striker. And that's actually very true. 

The cast of Footballers' Wives

What Striker really is is a bonkbuster beach read full of sexy escapism. That's all. Simple as that. It may be set within the world of football, but it really, really isn't a book about football. 

So, go on. Give it a go. If you're looking for something to take you away from it all, don't let the subject of football put you off. Please. Because, once you start reading it, you'll see that the sport itself is just a backdrop to the story, it isn't the subject of the book. Striker is a romance - albeit a more gritty romance - but it's a romance all the same. And, if you do like the odd Jackie Collins/Jilly Cooper novel - two of my biggest influences as far as authors go - then this might just be the book for you.
I've taken a risk writing this book, and turning it into a trilogy, so why not take a risk yourself and read it? Like others who've taken that risk, you might just enjoy it. ;) 

Want to check out an excerpt first? You can do just that right HERE.

And then, if you feel like you want to read on, you can grab a copy of Striker HERE over at Amazon, and it's also now available to download HERE from Kobo!  

*Update* 'Striker' now has a brand new cover! What do you think... ? 

And on that note, I'd better get back to the next book in this Striker Trilogy - 'Extra Time'. And if you thought Striker was sexy, just wait 'til you read this one...

Have a fabulous day! :)

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