Thursday, 6 June 2013

Got a Kobo? Then you too can check out some of my books!

Just a quick one today to let you all know that both Striker and Bon Voyage are now available to download from Kobo, as well as Amazon. Christmas Without Icing will also be available within the next day or so, and by the middle of July all my books will be available from Kobo, and their partner sites, once they're all out of the KDP Select programme, thus ending the exclusivity they had with Amazon, although, as I mentioned before, they will all still be available on Amazon. I just thought it was about time to test the water and put the books out on more platforms. 

So, if you have a Kobo, and you feel like trying any of these books, now you can!

Check out Striker and Bon Voyage HERE at Kobo. And keep your eye out for my Christmas-themed novella, Christmas Without Icing, because that should also be available to download very soon! But, don't forget, all 7 of my books are still available to download HERE from Amazon.

Have a great day, whatever you're reading. :)   

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