Monday, 27 May 2013

Knots Landing and nostalgia...

Thought I'd do a bit of a fun post today, what with it being a Bank Holiday here in the UK and my concentration not being 100% as far as the writing is concerned. I'm also slightly on edge as my husband is currently halfway up the stairs painting the second floor landing using a pair of extremely complicated ladders and I'm listening out for any noises that might mean we need a quick trip to A&E. He's an IT consultant, not a decorator, but he's determined to do it all himself. And, as long as he stays in one piece, I'm not going to stop him, especially if it means I get a gorgeous yellow wall by the end of the day.

Anyway, back to what I was going to write about today. Nostalgia. And particularly where TV is concerned. Because, when you get to my age (approaching mid-40s at a far more rapid pace than I feel comfortable with) nostalgia seems to play a much bigger part in your life, whether you're realising it or not. And this especially goes for TV shows. For example, when I heard Dallas was coming back I was more excited than if someone had told me Take That were coming round to play a live gig in me back garden! That's how much my thinking has changed over the past few years. Once-upon-a-time nothing would have been a bigger dream-come-true than Robbie Williams belting out 'Could it be Magic' next to me climbing clematis, but now I'm far more excited at the prospect of the new Dallas getting a third season!

So, imagine my utter joy when I was flicking through the satellite channels one morning, (sometimes I just can't watch the news over breakfast - it raises me blood pressure too much at times), and saw that CBS Drama was repeating that classic late70s/80s Dallas spin-off Knots Landing! From the very beginning! That was it - it was put on a SKY+ series link before you could say cul-de-sac. This was one drama from my childhood I was going to re-live, and I am loving it second time around, just as much as I did when I first watched it. And it's all coming back to me now - Abby Cunningham's perfect 80s make-up, Karen Fairgate's hairdo that was exactly like my mum's (except that Michele Lee, the actress who played Karen's hairstyle has probably changed over the years whereas my mother's hasn't!), and the absolutely classic acting! Yes, sometimes it was completely over-the-top, especially when the music that accompanied certain scenes kicked in, and sometimes it was just hilariously bad! But I love it! And I still want to live in that cul-de-sac. Preferably in the house that Kenny and Ginger lived in. Even now, watching these repeats and seeing it decorated in that unmistakeably 80s decor, I'd still move in right now! 

For me, Knots Landing was one of those shows I'll always love. Yes, the stories were slightly far-fetched at times, and I particularly loved the way the women went to bed in full make-up and woke up with it still looking perfect, but it was escapist TV at its very best. And, if you look very closely at some of the clothes, you'll see some of them are actually coming back into fashion! Abby was wearing something that very much resembled a playsuit the other day...

The women of Knots Landing... God love the 80s...
As a child of the 70s and a teenager of the 80s, I remember all too well the days when you had to get up to change channels on the TV, when microwaves - if you could afford one - were the size of a small industrial oven, and the only phone in the house used to sit on a table in the hallway. I remember tape decks and top-loading video recorders, and the days when Radio 1 used to play songs I actually knew. And even though we in the UK only had three channels on our TVs until 1982, when we then had the grand total of four, some of the TV back then was far better than we get today, in my opinion. Or maybe I've just got a slightly rose-tinted view of my childhood. Maybe those memories of Friday nights cuddled up on the sofa with my mum, sister and the dog watching Dallas while my dad escaped to the pub for a couple of hours are memories I don't want to forget. And maybe watching these repeats of Knots Landing are just another way of me reminiscing about my past, I don't know. And I don't really care. All I know is I am thoroughly enjoying re-living all this 80s melodrama. It's fabulous stuff, if you like that kind of thing. Which I do. Showing my age? Probably. But, once again, I don't really care. 

If Take That were ever to come knocking asking if they could 'Relight My Fire' (oh, that 90s dream I once had... mind you, right now I think they'd be hard-pressed to relight anything, quite frankly...) then I wouldn't say no. Those buggers have had my support since 1991 so a little bit of payback wouldn't go amiss. But, if it came down to that or a box set of Knots Landing, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, Dallas... well, I think you get the idea. Escapist TV wins hands down. Having said that, if Bradley Cooper/Keanu Reeves/Jim Caviezel ever came knocking at my door with box sets of Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, Hart to Hart... well, maybe I'd have to ask them to stick around and watch them with me. A girl isn't gonna say no to all of her fantasies now, is she? ;)  

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  1. I think "Knots Landing" was one of the Longest-Running Television Series and one of the best classic TV series I've ever seen ever. Actually, I've only seen this on DVD's because of some reasons that I was born in 90's but I'm still glad that my parents introduce me to this. I really enjoyed watching all the episodes.