Friday, 22 March 2013

Meet the Author - Jamie Tucker Dougan.

It's time for another 'Meet the Author' post - and today I'm featuring a man you may have met briefly last week, if you read my blog regularly, when he popped by to chat about his latest work-in-progress - Offside!. You can check that post out HERE.

But today it's time to get a proper introduction to my fabulous Twitter/blogger friend, and fellow indie author, Jamie Tucker Dougan. 

I'll let the man himself take it from here... 

Hi, I’m Tommy.

By day, I work in a car & truck dealership and I'm a 40-something dad of two wee boys and been with the love of my life for 22 years, 17 of them married.

At night, I take off my glasses and become Superman…

Nah, I don’t really. But I do have a alter-ego like Clark Kent.  I become Jamie Tucker Dougan, blogger and writer.

Jamie Tucker Dougan is my blogging and writing pseudonym. Jamie Dougan was the name of the main character in my first published eBook Grande Plage. It's also a reference to my dad, who was taken from me when I was very young. And Tucker has been my nickname since my college days. That’s the name most people know me by.

My writing has a theme - adult romance. Some of my stories are based on events from my life mixed in with my vivid imagination and dreams of a ’happy ever after’ like a few John Hughes movies that I freely admit to liking. Or movies like St Elmo's Fire. Or my favourite feel good movie Jerry Maguire.

Most of my life, I've lived in my imagination. I'm a romantic at heart. I want the gushy, happy, make you sick type of life often seen in films. At various points of my life, I've wanted to be Ferris Bueller. Or Keith Nelson (Some Kind of Wonderful) or Jerry Maguire. Or John Cusack's character in Better off Dead and Say Anything...

I created my own characters though and had my own movies going on in my head to escape the realities going on in my life at times.

These characters now have names. The movies in my head are now the stories I write. They are scenes from my life, with a wee bit of artistic license to make them watchable... or as the case is now, readable.

I started writing at primary school. I loved doing essays and short stories.

When I was around 9 or 10 years-old, our home went on fire. The only thing I was concerned about was my diary book. That diary book had my sketches and scribbles in it. More on them later.

An essay I’d written one day in English class about being Prime Minister for a day was submitted for display at the Maclauren Art Gallery in Ayr, South Ayrshire. That was the first inkling that I was actually quite good at writing a story. That started me making something of those sketches and scribbles I’d started. Those stories and sketches were to escape my real life though, the bullying I endured and the not very nice ex-boyfriend of my mum.

Like most schoolboys, I dreamt of being a footballer. I was lucky enough to play for my primary school and for a short time, my secondary school. But I was never encouraged any further. On wanting to join a local boy’s football team, I was told no. That disappointment became a fantasy in my head. I created a fantasy world where I was star striker for a team that’ll remain nameless (it features in the novel I’m currently writing). But it wasn’t just a fantasy where I was the only character. I had a whole team of characters, their wives and girlfriends… where they lived, what cars they drove and so on.

As I got older, the writing of my fantasy world got less and less. Then my mum remarried and we moved to another town and I was away from my friends. The writing started again. But it was only in a diary. And it was my thoughts of being in a new town, among new people and feeling very alone. Okay, we’d only moved five miles and I went to school with most of the kids in my new area. But they were not the bunch of friends I had in my old town.

After leaving school, I stopped writing. Real life was taking over. I had a job, college and some new friends.

Then unexpectedly, at 17, I was made redundant from my first job. That was a huge blow, especially as it was 1986 and unemployment was huge. I spent almost 6 months on the dole. I started writing again between job hunts. My short stories then were influenced by the movies of the time. One movie heavily influenced a story I began in 1987. That was St.Elmo’s Fire. That short story to this day is still unfinished.

Fast-forward a few decades to 2006. Curiosity about the world of social networking got the better of me and I joined MySpace, made a very good friend and her blogs influenced me to start blogging… and a few years a later, writing again. The story I attempted to write was that one I began in 1987.

Blogging for me seems to come very naturally, as does writing. I’m extremely proud of my blog and chuffed at the amount of views it’s had. My blog though was the only place I let people see anything I’d written, with the exception of that friend, who’d become my best friend and someone I could trust and opinion mattered.

And she was the person who gave me the nudge needed to publish one of those short stories. That was Grande Plage.

Grande Plage was written one week while bored on lunch breaks at work. It’s about a young footballer who is sent to France on loan one summer. He meets a girl, falls in love… and then is requested back by his club. Years later, with an aching heart, he returns to France to find the girl… you’ll have to buy it to find out if it’s a happy ending or not.

Grande Plage was followed by AlwaysRunning Away, another romantic, erotic tale. And then I turned a series of blog posts about my real-life trip to America in 2006 into a fictionalisation of the trip. It’s called The RubiconTrail and is my most successful eBook so far.

The world of football though hasn’t been far from anything I’ve dabbled with since. Last year I began a story which was initially titled ‘Extra Time’. It was a reworking of an anonymous blog I’d started in 2011 about the manager of a fictional football team. For NaNoWriMo last year, I started a prequel to ‘Extra Time’ called ‘Caught Offside’.

Those two workings along with a couple of other bits and bobs have become the nucleolus of my first attempt at writing a novel. That novel is called Offside! It’s about a fictional footballer called Shane Henderson and his life from a teenager starting out in his career to almost present day and embarking on a new chapter in his life.

I’m not rushing this story but I’ve set myself a deadline of my 45th birthday in April 2014. It’s hard to find time to write around having a full time job, being a dad and the support behind my wife and her little business. But I’ll get there.

You can find all of Jamie's books HERE on Amazon.

You can also follow Jamie on Twitter at @JamieTDougan

And you can keep up to date with what Jamie's up to by checking out his BLOG.

Jamie, thank you so much for such a fabulous post! I always love to hear about other authors' writing journeys - and yours is so interesting! And you love so many of the same films that I do - the 80s certainly threw out some classic movies!

It was  a real pleasure to have you here on my blog, giving us such a wonderful insight into you and your writing. 

And as I'm writing a trilogy of books centred around a fictional footballer at the minute, I can't wait to read Offside! when it's finally released.

I wish you ever success with your writing future, Jamie, and thank you once again for stopping by   


  1. Thanks again for having me as your 'Meet the Author' guest and for featuring Grande Plage.

    Maybe one day I'll get round to finishing that short story I started in 1987.

  2. Brilliant post! Jamie, you sound like a really interesting guy and I'll be adding your books to my TBR list. Sounds like you and Michelle have a lot in common!

    Best wishes with sales and hope to see you around the Internet.
    CJ x