Thursday, 28 February 2013

Time for kick-off! Launch day for 'Striker' is finally here! Now, let the game begin...

The ref's about to blow his whistle, the team are standing by... let the game get underway! Yes, kick-off has finally arrived as today is the official launch day for Striker, my sexy new contemporary romance set in the world of professional football, or soccer, depending on where you come from

Ryan Fisher is young, hot and loaded, not to mention incredibly talented, to boot. A hugely successful professional footballer, he's making a return to his native North East England after more than a decade of playing in London, in a multi-million-pound transfer deal to local club Newcastle Red Star. He's left the bright lights of the capital behind him to return to his hometown and play for the club he's supported all his life, but, is his return back up north as clear-cut as it first seems? Is this just another big-money transfer deal, or is there more to Ryan's return home than he's letting on?

Amber Sullivan is a beautiful, feisty female Sports Editor for a local North East TV news programme. The daughter of Freddie Sullivan, an ex-Newcastle Red Star player, she's a woman who knows her own mind, and she's fiercely determined never to enter into a relationship with a footballer - despite spending her life around the men who play the sport. But there's a reason for that determination. There's a reason why Amber isn't big on relationships, full-stop. Until Ryan Fisher walks into her world...

Jim Allen is an extremely successful, American-born ex-professional footballer. Originally from Washington DC, he arrived in the UK as a teenager, determined to fulfill his ambition to become a soccer player. Now proving himself as a force to be reckoned with as a manager, he's been poached from a top London club to join his old club - Newcastle Red Star - as their new boss in a bid to help them gain the league title success that's evaded them for so long. But is that league title the only thing Jim is intent on winning?

Striker is a book that won't be for everyone, and I must point out that this is most definitely what is termed as a "racy read"! There's strong language, sex, adult themes... it's not a sweet or pretty romance. It's a hard-edged, tough romance. So, if that isn't your bag, then you probably won't like Striker. But, if you like your romance sexy and edgy, and you don't blush easily, then it might just be your thing. 

Striker is the first of what has become a trilogy of books in the 'Striker' series - 'Extra Time' and 'Final Score' are planned for release in 2014, and I really can't wait to get started writing them. I've got so much planned for the those characters.

So, if it's some sexy escapism you're after, Striker might be just what you're looking for. I've dubbed this book "Fifty Shades of Football", and although it just might make you blush, in parts, it isn't quite as full-on as EL James' book! Mind you, there are one or two things that go on in the manager's office that would probably raise a few eyebrows over in the F.A., and some dressing room action that really wouldn't go down well on a match day, so, Striker most definitely has its moments! 

Want to read the first chapter and see what you think? You can check it out HERE.

And if you pop over to Pinterest you can also check out my 'Striker' Inspiration Board and see just what - and who - inspired this new novel of mine.

I truly loved writing this book. It's a genre I feel extremely comfortable writing, and a subject I had no complaints about immersing myself in for a few months, which is why I can't wait to get back to these characters in future books. But, and I must stress this once again, just incase anyone thinks this is a book about football - it isn't. It's a book set within the world of football, but it isn't about football. Did anyone watch Footballers' Wives back in the day? Oh God... I loved that show so much... anyway, it's a bit like that, but in book form.

The cast of Footballers' Wives - fabulous and fun!
So, call it a beach-read, a bonkbuster, a bit of a guilty-pleasure - whatever you want to call it, I just hope people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And I hope you'll look forward to more from this group of characters - Ryan Fisher will be back. The game goes on...

Striker is available to download now for Kindle from AmazonUK and, as well as all other Amazon stores, priced at just £1.97/$2.99.

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