Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Team 'Striker' - it's time to meet another player: feisty female sports reporter Amber Sullivan...

OK, so, we've met the two main male characters from my new, soon-to-be-released sexy, football-themed romance Striker - bad-boy footballer Ryan Fisher and handsome, sexy football manager Jim Allen. But what about the main female character? Well, here she is - it's time to meet feisty Sports Editor Amber Sullivan

North East born and bred, Amber is ambitious, independent and beautiful. In her mid-thirties, she's worked on a local, Newcastle-based News Programme for over ten years and as far as she's concerned, her career comes before anything. She doesn't have time for romance - she knows exactly where her future is heading, or, at least, she thought she did. Until Ryan Fisher walks into her life...

Amber is the older woman, a sexy, sassy northern girl who always assumed she knew her own mind, but when her once well-ordered world starts to show cracks, is she really as strong as she makes herself out to be? 

I loved creating the character of Amber. I guess I've always wanted to be someone like her - strong, independent, a little bit bloody-minded, all things I'm not! But, underneath all of that, Amber is also incredibly vulnerable. She has a past, and sometimes the past can be something that needs to be kept hidden, pushed to the back of someone's mind as they cross their fingers and hope it never catches up with them. Is this what happens to Amber? Well, you'll have to read Striker when it's released to find out. 

She's not perfect, but then, who is? She's flawed, she has weaknesses, but she's only human, in the end. 

When I wrote Amber, as is the same with most of the main characters I create, I had a picture in my head of the kind of person she would be and who would be the perfect person to play her (it works for me) - and the first person that came to mind was Sarah Parish.
I wanted Amber to be a beautiful, sexy woman, as well as being forthright and ambitious. But I also wanted her to have a vulnerable side, to be able to show her real feelings at times, instead of constantly being on her guard. And after seeing Sarah Parish in some brilliant programmes such as Cutting It and  Mistresses, I knew she could be Amber. Without a doubt. She'd play her perfectly!

So, we have the three main characters - hot and handsome Ryan Fisher, the enigmatic and charismatic Jim Allen, and sexy and ambitious Amber Sullivan. 

And, in just a few weeks' time, you can meet them - and a few other characters I haven't introduced you to yet - when Striker is finally released. There's Amber's boss Kevin Russell, her best friend - ex-footballer-turned-TV pundit Ronnie White, and Ryan's team-mate, defender Gary Blandford. 

So, who's ready for a steamy, sexy ride against the backdrop of top-flight football? But, I'll warn you now, this is the hottest of my books so far, and if you prefer your bedroom action to stop once that door is closed, then I'd probably avoid this. But if you're not shy, and you like your romance hot (I'm not talking full-on erotica here, but I haven't tiptoed round anything either), then you might just get a kick out of this... Did you see what I did there? Football-themed romance, kick...? I've got a string of 'em, believe me... ;)

Striker is due for release end of February/beginning of March 2013.   



  1. Well I finished No Matter What on Monday and started reading Illusions of Love yesterday. I love your books, Michelle.

    CJ x

  2. Oh, thank you! You've just made my day! :) x