Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Christian Grey of football managers? Come and meet Jim Allen...

Now, I haven't actually read 'Fifty Shades of Grey' but, I've heard a lot about the book's seemingly quite sexy male protagonist, Christian Grey. Handsome, sexy, powerful... all traits shared by Jim Allen, the rather attractive, charismatic manager of Newcastle Red Star, the fictional team that football's newest bad-boy, Ryan Fisher, plays for in my new, soon-to-be-released sexy football-themed romance, Striker.

Jim Allen is an American who's played football (soccer) in the UK for most of his life. He's a very well-known, extremely popular ex-player, so when he turns up back in the north east of England to manage his old club, it's a choice the fans and the players are ecstatic about. But that's not a feeling shared by everyone...

This is how I imagine the character of Jim Allen to look...

Jim has ulterior motives for moving back to a part of the country that carries a lot of memories. Leaving a successful career with a top London club behind, what's the real reason behind his return to Newcastle?

Now, when you think of football managers, names such as Alex Ferguson or Harry Redknapp usually spring to mind, but, with the greatest of respect to two of the country's most lauded managers, they're not exactly eye-candy. Although, to be fair, Jose Mourinho was always worth a second look... Anyway, what I'm trying to say is the words "football managers" and "sexy" aren't words you'd usually put together in the same sentence. Until I created the character of Jim Allen.

A younger Jim Caviezel - a younger Jim Allen? Yeah!
With his trademark suits and aviator shades, he exudes a sexiness never before seen in the world of professional football management. He's a popular man, a talented player, somebody who's had an incredible career on the pitch and is now making his mark in management. But, despite his good looks and charm, he's never been married. Because he's thrown himself completely into his work? You'll have to read Striker when it's finally released to find out more about this enigmatic man, but, in the meantime, just who was the inspiration for this character? Well, nobody from the world of football. I wanted someone who was handsome but also with a slightly moody undertone, a look that carried some hint of something underneath the surface that nobody can quite work out. And he had to be someone who looked good in a suit. In fact, he had to rock a suit! And then, one day, as I sat watching the brilliant Person of Interest on TV, there he was. My perfect muse - Jim Caviezel as John Reese, a character he plays wonderfully! And a character whose nickname just happens to be "The Man in a Suit"! Reese is handsome, professional, strong and sexy, with this darkly secret undertone to him and a voice that could, I swear, melt chocolate. I could listen to that character talk for hours.  So, there he was - my ideal muse. A man who looked good in a suit, who was handsome, strong and sexy, and who I could stare at for hours while claiming it was all "research". Perfect! I love being a writer...

More Jim Caviezel, just for the hell of it...
In fact, Jim Caviezel fits the character of Jim Allen so well that, should Striker ever get made into a movie (ooh, look, I've drifted off into fantasy land again...), then I shall hunt this man down and make him play that role! Get that restraining order ready to sign now... ;) 

My inspiration also needed to be attractive, charismatic and sexy because Jim Allen is involved in some of the book's steamier scenes. And I'm talking really steamy! Really, really steamy! And I couldn't write those if all I had to go on was a picture of Harry Redknapp now, could I

Jim Caviezel as "The Man in a Suit" John Reese in CBS show 'Person of Interest' - Look... he even LOOKS like a football manager!

Striker is due for release in the Spring. So get ready for a sexy story of secrets, lies, sex - and soccer! But remember, the beautiful game isn't always so pretty...


  1. Poor Harry!!!! You have to remember he gave us his son Jamie!! He's not hard on the eye! Loving the sound of this book, Michelle! I can't wait to get my copy! I used to travel all over the country watching non-league football in my youth so football does have a soft spot with me! Can't wait to meet the sexy cast!

  2. Thanks, Mandy. :) And I completely forgot about Jamie Redknapp! He IS particulalry easy on the eye, I have to agree! ;)

  3. I can't wait to see Christian Grey in the movie Fifty Shades Of Grey

    1. I have to admit, I'm quite eager to find out who's going to be playing him. :)

  4. I can't wait for the movie. I loved the books. I should agree these are the best written books.
    Fifty Shades Movie

  5. So Ian Somerhalder!!! He should definetly play Mr.Grey in Fifty Shades Of Grey.
    50 shades of grey movie