Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It's time to meet Team 'Striker'! First up, bad-boy footballer Ryan Fisher...

"Kick-off" is now imminent!  Yes, it's almost time for my new novel to hit those virtual bookshelves; the edgy, extremely sexy football-themed romance 'Striker' - the story of Geordie bad-boy footballer Ryan Fisher, feisty sports reporter Amber Sullivan, and handsome, charismatic, American-born ex-player-turned-football manager Jim Allen. 

However, if you're looking for a gentle, sweet romance then I'd walk away now, because this certainly isn't going to be one of those.  But, if you want a book that's more 'Fifty Shades of Football' then stick around.  You might just like this.  Gonna make you blush a bit in parts, though. I guarantee it! ;) 

Anyway, in the months leading up to the book's release I'll be doing a few posts introducing the main characters, talking about the book and just what it is you can expect from this story, and just what made me want to write it in the first place.  

But, today it's all about Ryan Fisher... So, just who is this bad-boy footballer of mine...?

My ideal Ryan Fisher - the gorgeous Emun Elliot!
Ryan Fisher is twenty-six-years-old, 6ft tall, full of attitude, and more than a little rough-around-the-edges with his messed-up dark hair, beard and brooding dark eyes.  A bit of a George Best of his generation, if you like.
He's extremely handsome, very, very sexy, (as if he'd be anything else!), a touch arrogant, and definitely a little on the egotistical side, but he's also an incredibly talented footballer. Born in the north east of England he's spent most of his professional career, so far, in London, playing for some of the biggest top-flight clubs in the country but, as 'Striker' begins, he's about to make a return back to his Geordie roots in a multi-million-pound transfer deal that will see him join one of the region's most historic and famous clubs - Newcastle Red Star.  But are his reasons for returning home something more than just a bigger pay-packet?  And whatever it is Ryan's left behind, can he leave it alone long enough to make the new start he badly needs?  

He's very much your stereotypical footballer - or, rather, what we perceive many of today's footballers to be like - when the book begins.  He's perfect, yet at the same time extremely flawed; he thinks he knows what he really wants yet he invariably finds himself lost.  He's lived in a bubble, almost, for so long that the real world isn't something he's particularly familiar with so when it begins to penetrate everything he thought he knew, he suddenly finds the goalposts shifting... Ryan is on a journey.  And it isn't going to be an easy one...

This song by Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble - pretty much sums up Ryan Fisher.

Emun Elliot - my perfect Ryan Fisher!
So, who have I chosen as my "muse" for this bad-boy of football?  Well, look no further than the gorgeous Emun Elliot - if you watched the recent BBC1 drama The Paradise last year then you might remember him as department store owner John Moray, or for those of you with access to the Comedy Central channel you might also have seen him as Richie Valentine in the home-grown British comedy Threesome, which is hilarious, so if you can get your hands on it I recommend you give it a go.  As long as you've got a very open-minded sense of humour!

Emun Elliot as the dashing Mr Moray in BBC1's 'The Paradise'...

Anyway, when I look at Emun I see the character of Ryan - simple as that.  That sexy, rough-around-the-edges look, a brooding stare... Ryan Fisher is one of the sexiest footballers there is, but he knows it.  He knows he has the world at his feet, women whenever he wants them, and a dream job that means he can - quite literally - have absolutely anything he wants, whenever he wants it.  But is everything really all it seems when the beautiful game turns out to be anything but pretty...?

... and as Richie Valentine in Comedy Central's 'Threesome'

'Striker' is due for release in the Spring.  

You can read the (as-yet still unedited) first chapter from 'Striker' HERE, and if you want to find out more about the inspiration behind my sexy new football-themed romance then check out the 'Striker' inspiration board HERE at Pinterest!  And get ready for kick-off!


  1. I. Can't. Wait!

  2. I really hope you're going to enjoy it, Lisa! :) I've certainly had a lot of fun writing it! ;)