Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy Christmas! And thank you...

... to everyone who's stuck by me in what has been my first full year as an independent author.  And what a year it was!  There were lessons learnt, more sales than I thought I'd have - although I don't think Jackie Collins has got anything to worry about just yet - and I "met" some incredible people who have read my books, loved them, and shown me more support and encouragement than I'd ever dreamed I'd have.

But what this year has definitely taught me is that nothing can stop me from doing what I love - and that's writing.  It's a dream to be able to do what I do, every day, and although it's a journey that can bring some frustrating and sometimes even upsetting lows, the highs I experience when somebody tells me they've loved one of my books is something I shall never take for granted.  Ever.  

So, to all of you who've taken a chance on this indie author, and taken the time to read my books, I just want to say thank you.  A really BIG thank you.  You make everything worthwhile; you give me a reason to keep writing.  I really do love you all.

So, have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope 2013 brings good things for everyone! 

Right, I'm off to open the mince pies... I think it's about time now, don't you...?

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