Monday, 19 November 2012

X Factor - More farce than Fawlty Towers...

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more comical, last night saw both Rylan Clark and Christopher Maloney go through to the quarter finals of 'X Factor', whilst Ella Henderson and James Arthur saw themselves in the bottom two and facing a sing-off for survival.  Huh????  I actually laughed when those results were announced, but not because I was happy to see either James or Ella in the sing-off, oh no.  I was gutted that those two found themselves in that position.  No, I laughed because this show is just getting sillier by the week! None of it actually surprises me anymore.  Even poor Gary Barlow was in a quandary last night - you could almost see it in his face when there was only Ella, James and Christopher left standing, waiting to see who'd be the final act definitely through to next week's show.  Knowing how much he admires James, I think he was verging on disappointed when his own act was saved leaving James in the bottom two.  And who can blame him, really.  A sensible decision between James or Christopher is a no-brainer, really, but this is the 'X Factor' we're talking about here.  And I think people have finally just had enough.  If it isn't Louis banging on week after week about how this is a show that's looking for the next big recording artist (oh yeah, Louis?  Coming from the man who saved Rylan in week one?  Really?), it's the judges quite obviously pushing Union J forward as the next One Direction, and the world needs another manufactured boy band like I need that doughnut sitting in the cupboard downstairs.

James Arthur and Ella Henderson in last night's farce of an X Factor sing-off
So, contrary to Tulisa saying that the reason Ella and James were in the bottom two is because people aren't voting for their favourites, they're just sitting back and assuming they're safe, well, maybe there's an element of that.  But I think it's more than likely people are voting to keep Rylan - and especially Christopher - in the competition purely to show what a ridiculous farce it's become.  And they'd be right.  I don't like seeing the few remaining talented singers go at the expense of a cruise-ship singer and a novelty act, but if it proves a point then I'm all for it.  The show's lost its way, and the sooner the likes of Simon Cowell realise that the better.  I'm sick of it being nothing but a vehicle to find people like him the next money-making boy band, because that's what I honestly believe it's become.  And, to be honest, I'm only really watching it now because, the way things are going, it's almost worth sticking a tenner on Christopher Maloney to win this thing!  It's getting more farcical as each week goes by.

So, don't blame the public for the way they're voting - Ella may have been voted off way earlier than she should have been, but I think I'm safe in saying that she'll probably be offered a recording contract regardless because, as I've mentioned countless times before, you're more likely to succeed if you don't win this thing.  The public are only responding to the way the show has descended into chaos over the past couple of years.  It needs more than a huge shake-up in my opinion.  It needs a complete and utter re-hash, a major overhaul.  And it needs to get back to what it used to be - a show to find undiscovered talent that may otherwise not have had a chance to find that platform they need. 

With regards to performances on the show last weekend, well, Union J were doing what Union J and every other boy band in existence do - nothing earth-shattering; Rylan was Rylan, and I actually enjoyed his performance now that I'm watching the show for what it is and not what it's supposed to be; Ella was alright, but I was still a bit bored watching her - you can't deny the girl can sing though; James was good, I'm really liking him which is why I was a tad upset to see him in the bottom two last night; Jahmene was, as usual, beautiful to listen to singing a song I love, and Christopher, well, he did another cracking job of showing us that cruise-ship-style entertainment he's so good at.  Because he still won't ever be a pop star.  Oh, go on, make him win this competition.  I'd love to see what Cowell and Co. would do with him....

Anyway, there we have it.  Another farcical 'X Factor' weekend draws to a close, leaving everyone wondering just how the voting is going to go next week - are Rylan and Christopher actually going to make it to the semi-finals?  As someone who wants to see this show brought to it's knees purely because I think that's what it needs in order for people to realise it's just not working anymore, then I really, really hope so.  I really, really do...


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