Friday, 16 November 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Whether we like it or not, so it would seem.  However, far from being a "bah, humbug" type of person, (although, you wouldn't think it at times), I actually love the build-up to Christmas - that time when I can once again get the old Michael Buble Christmas album on an iPod playlist, bin the diet until the New Year, and look forward to the misery and the shouting that will doubtless go on during the 'Eastenders' Christmas-night episode.  I can't wait...

So, I was extremely happy to be tagged by the fabulous Mummy Misfit this week, and asked to answer some Christmas-themed questions.  And, seeing as it's almost December, I think it's about time we really started to get into the spirit of the impending festive season... Now, where is that Michael Buble Christmas album...?

How old were you when you began to suspect that Father Christmas may not be real?
He isn't real???  What?????

What was your best ever Christmas present as a child?
Oh, this is easy!  I remember getting a desk one year, one with a tilting lid that I could lift up and store all my pens and books in.  I loved it!  I sat at that desk constantly!

What would your ideal Christmas involve?
Well, to be honest, I kind of have my ideal Christmas already sorted - just me, my husband and the dog.  We've always had really quiet Christmases, in fact, for a long time me and my husband used to spend Christmas abroad, and we've had some fabulous Christmases in places such as Gran Canaria (where we saw in the Millenium) and The Gambia, not to mention Lapland.  But now we just like to chill out at home with lots of food and a good selection of Christmas films.  It doesn't take much to make me happy! ;)

Which is your favourite part of the festive season?

Christmas dinner! No, seriously, I'm a big fan of the build-up myself.  I love it when all the Christmas adverts start appearing (although I'm not over-keen on them appearing in September!) and I can start to dig out the decorations. I also love going to see my mum and dad on Boxing Day because my mum cooks a cracking Boxing Day lunch...

Have you ever watched the Queen’s speech?
When I was little I remember my mum and dad used to have it on in the background, but as an adult I've never made a point of sitting down to watch it, no.

Does the Christmas prep fill you with excitement or dread?

Excitement, definitely! But, as I've mentioned before, that's because me and my husband always have a quiet Christmas, just us two and the dog - and I love it! No stress, no hassle... my kind of Christmas!

If I can't have Bradley Cooper for Christmas, one of these'll do...
What would you LOVE to find under your tree this year?
Bradley Cooper or Ryan Gosling!  Failing that, a Kindle Fire HD.

Turkey lover or not?
I like it.  When it's cooked properly.  I also absolutely adore sprouts... does that make me weird?

Is there anything you eat at Christmas that you never have at any other time of year?
Chocolate liqueurs. And quite a few boxes of those frozen mini-snacks from Iceland...

Chocolate liqueurs - only at Christmas!
You have one wish on a blessed Christmas star - what is it?
That everyone I know and love stays healthy and happy.  As simple as that.  Oh, and a line of winning numbers on the Euromillions...

So, there we have it.  A little bit of an insight to the kind of Christmas I enjoy.  And now that I've written that, I'm kind of excited for December to get here so I can get that tree up and really start looking forward to the festive season.  Anyone know what the Christmas storyline for 'Coronation Street' is this year...?

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