Friday, 26 October 2012

My Top 5 Favourite US comedies.

I've decided to do a fun Friday blog post today, to ease myself gently into the weekend.  And what could be more fun than comedy shows?

I've already done a post where I looked at my Top 5 favourite British comedies, but because there are so many great shows that have come from the US too, I thought it only right that I do a post dedicated to some of my favourite comedy shows from across the pond.

So, here we go.  In no order at all, here are 5 of my favourite American comedy shows...

1) Frasier

Now, although I loved 'Cheers', that isn't going to appear on my Top 5 list, whereas this spin-off is.  Why?  Well, probably because repeats of 'Frasier' are on constantly over here in the UK, either in the mornings over on Channel 4 or throughout most days if you have the Comedy Central channel.  And I never get tired of watching them.  Even though I know the episodes inside out and could probably act in half of them without a script, I still find them funny.  And this was a show that did farce brilliantly!  It also had some fabulous guest stars during its 11 year run - Michael Keaton, Derek Jacobi, and a particularly entertaining episode involving Patrick Stewart stand out the most for me.  If I had one gripe, it's that I did start to find the character of Daphne a little irritating during the last couple of seasons, and that Manchester accent never did sit right with me.  But I can forgive that, because this was just a comedy that I loved.

2)  King of Queens

I didn't actually discover this show until a couple of years ago, when we were flicking through the satellite channels and came across it on Comedy Central.  We watched a couple of episodes, and were hooked!  What really makes this show though is the character of Arthur - Jerry Stiller does a fantastic job, and some of the things he comes out with are not only bizarre, but hilarious!  Again, it's on an almost constant loop of repeats over here in the UK on Comedy Central but, just like 'Frasier', I can watch episodes over and over again, and still find them funny. 

3)  Will and Grace

I could watch this show for Sean Hayes' character of Jack alone.  The episode where Matt Damon guest stars as a totally straight man who joins New York's Gay Men's Chorus purely because he likes the idea of the group's all-expenses-paid summer trip to Europe is one of my favourites.  Watching Jack try to "in" Damon's character is just so funny!  And which fan of this show didn't love "Just Jack"?  Definitely one of my favourite US comedies.

4)  Happy Days

Okay.  We're going way back to my childhood now with the fabulous 'Happy Days'!  This brings back so many memories of the 70s for me, when I had a crush on The Fonz (I had an 'I Love The Fonz' badge, I remember it well!) and all me and my sister wanted to do was go to Arnold's for a burger and fries.  I haven't watched an episode of this in decades, but I remember how much I loved it as a kid.  'Happy Days' indeed...

5)  Laverne and Shirley

I think this was actually a spin-off from 'Happy Days', if I remember rightly, and it's another one of those comedies that just brings back lots of happy memories from my childhood.  Particularly loved the character of Squiggy, although I think it was probably more to do with his voice than anything else - it always made me laugh, but I was just a kid when this was on TV, remember.  And who can forget the opening sequence to this show?  Probably one of the most memorable opening sequences ever for me.  So much so that when 'Wayne's World' did a skit of this I can still remember most of the adults in the cinema laughing out loud! 

So, there you go.  Just some of my favourite US comedy shows, none of which are currently running - I've just realised that!  Anyway, as I said before, there've been some great shows to come out of America over the years, and I could have done a much longer list in reality, so it seems only fair to mention a few shows that also deserve to be up there in my list of favourites...

The Cosby Show

The Golden Girls 

Married with Children

And, of course, Cheers! 
All great shows, and all worthy of a mention.  So, have you got any favourites of your own?  Please feel free to share. I'd love to know which comedy shows from the USA you'd put in your own Top 5.

And I just know for a fact that, as soon as I've posted this, I'm going to remember at least half-a-dozen more shows I could have mentioned...  I mean, there was 'Taxi', 'Mork and Mindy'... see, I told you...

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  1. Some great shows here! Would have to agree with 'The Golden Girls' and also add 'My Name is Earl' and 'Joanie Loves Cha-Cha'. When I lived in the states I was addicted to 'Roseanne' and the US equivalent of our 'Man About the House'- totally daft humour but loved them :) xx