Monday, 10 September 2012

X Factor Monday - the boredom is setting in... But it's nearly time for 'Strictly Come Dancing'!

Yep, I can now officially say that I am more than bored of 'The X Factor', and we're only a couple of weeks in.  These audition shows are really leaving me cold, for a number of reasons - the two main ones being we don't get to see enough of the people auditioning, and the judges are getting on my nerves.

Also, there's just nothing out there that is making me sit up and take notice.  The judges keep saying they're on the look out for a global superstar (really???), somebody who is unique, different, yet the people they keep putting through to Boot Camp are nothing new as far as I'm concerned.  Some of them might be able to sing, but it's nothing I haven't heard before.  So, I'm bored.  In fact, I don't think I even properly watched either of last weekend's episodes.  We're busy planning a short holiday next year so we spent most of Saturday's show talking over it as we discussed hotel options and flight times.  It was infinitely more interesting than anything that was going on on the TV screen.  I really think I'm watching it only out of habit now.  If it doesn't get any better by the time Boot Camp arrives I may have to think seriously about giving it a miss altogether this year.  It does nowt for me blood pressure anyway.  My husband told me to calm down at least three times during Sunday's show as I moaned my way through some of the groups the judges thought were great prospects.  Quite frankly, I'm thinking of making an appointment to get me ears syringed because some of the stuff they said was fantastic I thought was dire.  I honestly thought I must be going tone deaf or something because I'm hearing flat notes yet Gary Barlow's sitting there telling them they were note-perfect!  I don't get it.

So, I'm not dwelling too much on 'The X Factor' this week because, as you've probably gathered, I'm really not enjoying it.  And neither are a lot of other people, apparently, as the viewing figures are way down on this time last year, but they'll probably blame the warm weather, the Olympics, anything but the fact people may just not want to watch it this time around.  I'll give it a bit more time, at least wait and see who gets through to Judge's Houses, but if it starts to look as though they're being picked for entertainment value rather than any modicum of singing talent they might possess, then I'm switching off.  I also have to think very carefully about whether I have the strength of mind to witness the birth of another 'One Direction'... I don't think my nerves could take it...

Oh, hang on though, before I leave the subject of 'The X Factor' alone completely, I have to mention what has to be the quote of the series so far for me, and that belongs to Geri Halliwell with these immortal words to a girl group who'd just performed a more-than-mediocre audition: "Not all members of Take That could sing."
Fair point, Geri.  I can't really argue with that, but, when those words come out of the mouth of a Spice Girl...???  Enough said.

So, 'The X Factor' may be leaving me cold this year, but in less than a week's time it's the 'Strictly Come Dancing' 2012 launch show!  And the excitement I'm feeling towards this can only be matched by the excitement I felt last week at the return of 'Dallas'.  'Strictly...' is, I'm not ashamed to say, one of my absolute favourite TV shows ever.  Yes, it's full of celebrities, and I'm one of these people who's getting a bit tired of all this celebrity culture we seem to be be obsessed with right now, but at least on this show they have to do something.  I also really don't like Tess Daly as a host.  In my opinion she's more wooden than a dozen log cabins but there you go.  Maybe it's just a matter of taste, but she does nowt for me.  I do love Zoe Ball on 'Strictly... It takes Two' though.  Couldn't they give her the big gig instead of Tess?  Please?

Anyway, I love it.  I just love the show, and, despite the fact that none of the celebrities taking part this year are exactly knocking me for six (more about them and their professional dancing partners next Monday), I know that, no matter what, I'm going to enjoy this show just as much as I always have done.  It makes me smile, it makes me want to get up and dance myself, and it makes me want to wear some of those amazing dresses!  It makes me happy.  So, roll on Saturday, and let's get the 'Strictly...' 2012 show on the road!

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