Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dallas is back! And what did I think...?

Dallas is back!
Well, not to put too fine a point on it, I bloody loved it!  Secrets, lies, family feuds, backstabbing and betrayal - it could only be 'Dallas', and this first episode of the revived series for 2012 hardly left us with time to take a breath before we got straight into the Ewing family dynamics as we know them best.  Bobby's hiding a secret, his son's about to get married when it's quite obvious he wants his cousin's girl, and Sue Ellen is, well, Sue Ellen.  It was just so good to have this back on our TV screens.  I'd loved it back in the day, and I still love it now.  It's my favourite kind of escapism.  I've heard a few people say 'Dallas' 2012 is just a bit too modern for them, that it doesn't feel right, but I totally disagree.  It feels so right as far as I'm concerned.  Time's moved on, that's all.  Things over at Southfork had to change, and as much as I did love the original series - which is still being repeated over on a satellite channel somewhere - I think I'm going to love this one just as much.  Honestly, after just ten minutes I felt like it had never been away.  And these days it takes a lot to get me really interested to the point where if anyone speaks to me during a programme they get blanked for the entire duration.  But 'Dallas' is now one of them.  I am, unashamedly, a 'Dallas' Super-fan, and proud of it!

Just hearing that familiar theme tune brought back memories of snuggling up on the sofa with my mum and sister watching the original series, except this time I'm snuggled on my own sofa with the dog while my husband wishes football was on!

I have to say, though, I'm a bit worried about poor Bobby Ewing.  Not liking the fact he's ill - we can't lose Patrick Duffy!  No!  He has to get better, I mean, come on, this bloke came back from the dead in a shower so surely he can overcome this?  But I'm loving the young Ewing boys!  I might be old enough to be their mother (actually, just Googled them both, and I'm not! Phew! I'm not that old then!) but they are certainly going to make perfect Wednesday evening eye-candy.  I loved the relationship between cousins Christopher and John Ross Ewing.  The fact they're at each others throats just like their own fathers were back in the old days, that's just the way it has to be, isn't it?  I mean, 'Dallas' wouldn't be 'Dallas' if everyone got on with each other.  That's what makes it so great.

Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson as Christopher and John Ross Ewing.

But, as far as I was concerned, this newly-revamped series got off to a flying start.  We were thrown straight into it without any unnecessary flannel, leaving us in no doubt by the end of this first episode that things over at Southfork certainly aren't going to get any easier.

As far as JR is concerned, I loved the build up we had to his return. When he first appears we're told he has clinical depression.  He's a quiet man, doing nothing more than staring out of a window, a shadow of the man we remember from way back when.  But then things start to happen.  And by the time his son, John Ross, pays him a long-overdue visit to inform him that Uncle Bobby is about to sell Southfork and he needs help to prevent that from happening, we slowly start to see the old JR reappear, until, by the end of the first episode, he's back, all guns blazing.  Just as we'd always hoped he would be.  Larry Hagman is a legend!

By the end of that first episode we have everything as it should be - people at each others' throats, betrayal aplenty on the way, scheming, jealousy, hot men... sorry, couldn't help myself with that last one...  where was I?  Oh yeah, all the usual stuff we've come to expect from 'Dallas', and a terrific twist at the end that just makes you realise that, yes, JR is the man!  And it's so good to have him back! 

So, will I be dusting off my stetson for the rest of this series then?  You bet your life I will!  I'm like a kid at Christmas, already counting the days until next Wednesday...

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