Monday, 3 September 2012

Another X Factor Monday - my views on September 1st's audition show.

I'm thinking of knocking this 'X Factor Monday' thing on the head until we at least reach Boot Camp stage because, in all honesty, these audition programmes are leaving me cold.  I was so bored watching last Saturday's show.  Really, really bored.  Auditions ranged from the ridiculous to the mediocre to the "seen it all before", and I found myself sitting there thinking - and this wouldn't be for the first time - why am I watching this?  Why indeed.  It's like some horrible habit I just can't seem to break, like my Take That addiction or my weird crush on one of The Hairy Bikers.

All I can say is, thank God for that final audition from 44 year old Mum and part-time fairy (don't ask) Melanie Masson.  Not only did she seem like a lovely lady, she also had the two cutest kids, and to top that she had, by far, the best voice of the night with an audition that was clearly head-and-shoulders above anything else we'd had to endure that night.  In fact, apart from some young lad who did an OK version of Kings of Leon's 'Use Somebody' which was fine, but it wasn't anything I hadn't heard before, she was the only audition I actually remember.  She knocked out a better-then-good version of Janis Jopling's 'Cry Baby', and on that audition alone she deserves to be a contender for the live shows.  Let's hope we see her there.

Apart from that there wasn't much else to shout about.  I'm just getting tired of the way the audition shows are put together, if I'm honest.  There's far too much flannel,  far too much padding-out of the shows, and not enough time given over to allowing us, the viewer, to actually see enough auditions.  I mean, on last Saturday's show it took nigh on ten minutes after the programme had started before we got a chance to hear any singing at all, and I use the term "singing" extremely loosely.  There's also way too much emphasis put on the judges.  And it shouldn't be about them.  Personally, I couldn't give a frig who was doing the judging.  It could be four random people off the street for all I care, in fact, I reckon it would be much more interesting if it was four random people sitting behind that judges desk.  We'd probably get far more honest opinions, and I dare say we'd get the rubbish weeded out a lot quicker too.

Right, well, there's not much else I can say about last Saturday's show really.  It was same-old same-old, and I guess that's pretty much what we're going to get all season.  But at least there's one bright shining light out there on the horizon - it's only a couple of weeks until the launch show for 'Strictly Come Dancing 2012'!  And I, for one, literally cannot wait!  And then ' X Factor Monday' will become 'X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing Monday'.  Bring it on!

Archie, fresh from the mobile dog-grooming van.
Anyway, before I go, I'd just like to sing the praises of the Mobile Dog Groomers who've just finished giving my little Westie, Archie, a haircut.  They've done a brilliant job, and the fact that they come to you and do everything right there on your doorstep, it's so, so handy for me.  And probably a lot less traumatic for him.  He also smells absolutely gorgeous, and that's not something you can say all that often about a dog! 

Archie just a few minutes later, recovering from his mobile dog-grooming experience!

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