Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Distractions, distractions - but at least the dining table's been built!

So, how's my day gone so far?  Well, I got out of bed this morning with every intention of carrying on with work on my new novel but instead I found myself sat on the sofa with a mug of tea watching repeats of Masterchef: The Professionals on the Good Food satellite channel, despite having already seen that particular episode when it was on BBC 2, but I've got a very small crush on Michel Roux Jr. so a second viewing wasn't too much like hard work.
After that I loaded the washing machine, vacuumed, dusted, stripped the bed, fed the dog, and faffed around on the internet for a while before indulging in a lovely phone chat with my fellow indie author and friend Amanda Egan.  After lunch I took Archie for his walk, saw a single magpie and subsequently became convinced that something crap was now going to happen.  And now I'm back in front of the computer, desperately trying to summon up the energy to get back to the writing and, for some stange reason, listening to Iron Maiden!  But it's been a funny few days, and it's taking a while to get the enthusiasm back.  Which is why I'm doing this, telling you all about my rather uninteresting and uneventful day.  Any distraction is a good one right now, even though I know I've got so much work to be getting on with.

So, if it's distractions I'm looking for, what else is on my mind today that I can ramble aimlessly on about?  Okay.  here's something - I am thoroughly enjoying Andrew Llyod Webber's search for Jesus in ITV1's Superstar.  Mind you, having just read a few reviews of the show I may actually be in the minority there, but sticking a show like this on the channel that gives us The X Factor was never really a good idea in my opinion.  And even though I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with these kind of shows, this one has a major postive for me - there's no Gary Barlow on the judging panel!  Still trying to work out why Dawn French is there though, and Amanda Holden is quite possibly the worst presenter I've ever seen but you can't have everything.
Anyway, my favourite "Jesus" is Nathan James, a guy with a fantastic rock voice and, after all, surely that's what's required in this particualr role?  Which still makes me wonder why they have these lads singing God-awful pop songs or boring ballads night after night.  But, I'm still enjoying it, even if I do question the song choices, although Nathan and a few of the other guys (Rory, Ben and David spring to mind) are doing a cracking job of doing their best with whatever song they're given.  Any one of them could get the role of Jesus for me (although Nathan's still my favourite - he has an incredible voice I could listen to all day!) and I'd be quite happy to part with money to see the show.

It's giving me whole heap of escapism, is a nightly dose of reality TV.  And I won't apologise for my love of escapist telly, because I'm one of those people that needs to have something to take her mind off things otherwise I'll just sit and dwell on stuff that eventually leads me to the vodka bottle and that shelf full of chocolate in the fridge!  Which isn't good, in the long run.  I mean, yesterday I spent many unecessary hours over-analysing a review left on Amazon.com for No Matter What that pointed out a couple of apostrophe errors and the fact that the reviewer thought I should have used more "Americanisms" in the book, seeing as it was set mainly in Los Angeles, which it was.  However, it was a book written by an English person, and the main character is also English, so she would obvioulsy use the odd English term for things, wouldn't she?  But, in answer to one question asked in that review, I'd like said reviewer to click here to see what baseball boots look like. This particular reviewer had no clue what they were, you see.  Are they called something different in America?  Maybe some kind American can help me with that one because when I Google the request, it still just brings up baseball boots!!!  I'm stumped, quite frankly...  Having said all of this though, and the fact that this person didn't really seem to enjoy the book, they still gave it 3 stars, so not all bad then!

You see, I'm finding a lot of stuff to talk about today although, granted, none of it is particularly interesting.  But I appear to just be looking for any diversion I can find to stop me from writing.  Why?  Because I've acquired that horrible habit of editing as I go, and I really need to knock it on the head because it's meant that, in over a week, I haven't moved past chapter 3 because every day I obsessively go back over everything I've written and re-edit it all!  And that means moving forward is proving very difficult, but I'm determined that the beginning of this book will be right!  Mind you, the rational part of my brain tells me what I already know - I can always come back to all of that later when the real editing begins, because I'm sensible enough to realise that I should just be knocking out this first draft in order to get my story, characters and dialogue down; to give me some kind of framework to work with.  So, if I know all of that, why am I still fannying about with the first 3 chapters?  Good question.  I'm off to get another mug of tea then I might just try to answer that.  And if I manage to do that, then maybe I can actually get back to doing some constructive work on that new book...

My new dining table.
Oh, before I go though, a little update on yesterdays dining table situation -  it's now assembled, although hubby did inform me that it had to be taken apart twice after realising legs had been put on back to front.  And it's ridiculous how excited one person can get over the fact they now have a new dining table, with two extendable pull-out leaves, no less... I really need to get out more...

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