Monday, 2 July 2012

Illusions of Love - It's finally published!

So, I finally got there!  Illusions of Love, the follow-up to my debut novel No Matter What, is finally published!  And I'm sitting here with that same nervous, churning feeling in the pit of my stomach, that same feeling I get every time I launch a new book; that feeling that never goes away, because you never know how people are going to react to your books (you only have to look at the reviews for my cruise-themed rom com Bon Voyage to see that - and they're particularly vocal about that book over on!)

Anyway, Illusions of Love has been available to download for a couple of days now and, so far, the feedback has been very postive with two lovely 5* reviews on Amazon already, that I'm extremely grateful for.  But this is very early days for this book, and because it's a follow-up novel, it's really important to me that the book works, that I did those characters from No Matter What justice, that I delivered a story good enough to engage readers and hold their interest.  I know for a fact that there were people out there waiting for this book (and that is such a lovely feeling, believe me) and I really didn't want to disappoint them.  So I hope they enjoy it.

How have things changed since 'No Matter What'...?
So, today I'm celebrating the release of this follow-up novel.  A novel that takes us, once again, into the world of India Walsh, the Hollywood actress with the complicated love-life.  How have things changed as we pick up the story a year or so on from the end of No Matter What?  Well, you'll just have to download the book and find out for yourself.  But what we do have is more twists and turns, a brand new character in the shape of gorgeous movie star, Dominic MacDonald, and more sex.  Of course.  Oh, I'm not talking 'Fifty Shades of Grey' or anything, but there are definitely some hot scenes in there, so, if that's not your thing then this won't be the book for you, but, if you like that kind of sexy escapism then you might just want to check it out. ;-)

I love writing these kind of books - and thanks to the emergence of books such as 'Fifty Shades of Grey', there seems to be a welcome return to the "Bonkbuster", which is good news for me, I suppose.  I do love writing the slightly more light-hearted and humorous chick lit too, but I think there are people out there who do that so much better than me (check out fellow indie author Amanda Egan's books - she's a fabulous writer!), so I think my books are now definitely leaning more towards the sexier side of things.  You have been warned! ;-)  I guess I just want to create that fantasy world, that escapism, and if I can do that for just a few people, I'll be very, very happy.

So, if you like your books in the Jackie Collins/Jilly Cooper mould, (although I'm not pretending for one minute that I'm anywhere near as talented as those two in writing books like this), then you might want to check out No Matter What and Illusions of Love, and grab yourself some of that sexy escapism.  

Find out where the story began...
I tried to make Illusions of Love a stand-alone book in its own right, in that it wasn't really necessary to read No Matter What first, but I do think that it would be more enjoyable if that book was read first, although, like I said, it isn't totally necessary.  I've tried to do small catch-up paragraphs within the book that would give any reader who hadn't read No Matter What at least some idea of how the characters are where they are, and how they've found themselves in the situations they're in, hopefully without boring those who already know the story.  But Illusions of Love is a continuation of that two-decade-spanning journey, and would more likely make more sense to the reader if they had read No Matter What first.  So, why not grab a copy of that first, and then see if you want to continue the story on...


No Matter What and Illusions of Love are both available to download from and for just £1.90/ $2.96.

And if you'd like to try before you buy, you can check out a sample chapters from Illusions of Love and No Matter What here in these blog posts... No Matter What - excerpt and  Illusions of Love - sample chapter

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