Friday, 18 May 2012

I'm no longer blond, and I'm writing more than ever now - time for another catch-up...

I've gone quiet again, haven't I?  Conspicuous by my absence from Facebook/Twitter etc.  Why?  Have I suddenly decided that parking myself on the sofa with a cup of tea and a packet of ginger snaps in front of 'Cash in the Attic' is a far better way of spending my time than banging away at a keyboard day after day creating stories of fun, romance and heartache?  Well, actually, sometimes, yes.  That thought has actually crossed my mind, but only on those days (that I'm sure all writers get) when it feels as though nothing is going right, the words aren't coming and the mind is blank.

But, no.  That's not the reason.  And, anyway, I can't do day time TV.  Five minutes of Jeremy Kyle and I'm running to the office with indecent haste.  I've been quiet for the past couple of days because I actually managed to escape the confines of the office and go and mingle in the real world for a little while, resulting in a trip to my sister's salon where, for the time being, anyway, I ditched the blond to go a bit darker.  And I actually quite like it.
My new hair colour - should've sorted out that shiny forehead though...
It was a little experiment by my hairdresser sister (see, I do live on the edge sometimes!)  to see if colour would take over the remains of the bleach that was left in my hair, and it worked!  But it's only a semi-permanent colour, so it will fade pretty quickly, however, I'm thinking of going permanently darker.  I get bored with the same old look, and a change is as good as a rest, as they say.  Anyway, I've gone off the subject again, haven't I?

So, why have I gone all quiet on the social networking front again then?  It's not like I haven't got a book to plug or anything - Bon Voyage, cruise the Mediterranean in a light-hearted Rom Com with two northern girls, a boy band, and a romance novelist who makes Barbara Cartland look subtle - there we go, shameless self-plug over for today!! ;-) - but, the thing is, as I head closer and closer towards my one year anniversay as an indie author, I seem to have moved into a time in my writing career when all I want to do is, well, write!  That may sound strange to some people, who'll probably read that and think, well, isn't that what she does all day anyway?  Write?  But, surprisingly, no.  In fact, there are days when I'm lucky if I get anything written at all because I've spent so long promoting, publicising, trying to get my name out there and my books known. That takes up more time than you can even begin to imagine.

The follow-up to this is imminent!
So, over the past few months I've taken a step back from all that and decided that, for now, I just want to write.  That's all.  Just write.  I have so many ideas for future books, so many works in progress, and I want to spend some time giving them the attention they need.  I'm up to my eyes trying to finish the final edit of 'Illusions of Love',  the follow-up book to my debut novel, the epic Hollywood romance No Matter What, which I hope to release some time in June, and I'm also working on a Christmas romance to be released at, well, Christmas!  And after that, there's a time-travel romance on the cards, and possibly a romantic thriller, although I'm still thinking hard about that one, as I've never written a thriller before, but my husband came up with such a good idea last night that it's playing on my mind this morning... There could be something there that I can build on.

I'm very busy, basically.  Doing what I love.  Writing.  So, if it seems as though I'm lying a little low on the social networking front over the next few weeks, it's for no reason other than the fact I'm quite happily sat in front of my keyboard creating more characters and more stories for more books.  Nothing more than that.  And I think those that know me well know how easily distracted I can get, so sometimes I've got to enforce that self-discipline on myself and make sure I don't stray.  So, it's iPod on, eyes down, and back to work on 'Illusions of Love' for now.  Just what has happened to India, Kenny, Reece and the others since we last met them in No Matter What?  Watch this space.  Because it won't be all that long before you find out...



  1. Loving the new hair Michelle and the great positive mental attitude - your books have been selling brilliantly and you deserve the high ratings you've been achieving with Bon Voyage. I'm almost 50% through and feel like I've had a holiday, a girlie giggle and a couple of lovely cocktails. Keep up the good work :) xxxx

  2. Thanks Amanda! :-) I'm SO happy you're enjoying Bon Voyage! I wrote the book in the hope that it let people escape for a little while to enjoy some sun and cocktails, and that, maybe, it could put a smile on peoples' faces, too. It's not rocket science, but I hope it's fun!! ;-) xxxx