Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My new book - Bon Voyage - is released!

Yes!  I've done it!  My new book - Bon Voyage - is finally released, and I'm now experiencing all those things that (I hope) other writer's experience every time they release a new book: I'm as nervous as hell!  And those nerves are something that will never go away, no matter how many books I release, as I sit here wondering how this book is going to be received, what people think of it, how many copies it's going to sell...

So, anyway, Bon Voyage - what's it all about then?  Well, I've stuck to the lighter side of romance again for this book, so this is another romantic comedy, a fun (I hope!) read that will (I hope!) give you a few laughs and a little bit of escapism as you join the characters I've created for this story on a two-week cruise around the Mediterranean.

Aimee Anderson is a thirty-something Geordie girl who's just undergone the rather humilating experience of being dumped by her fiance, Robbie, on the night of their engagement party.  So, what better way to try and forget that had happened than to take off on a holiday of a lifetime, or, in Aimee's case, a cruise around the Mediterranean on a mid-budget, freestyle cruise liner.  But it's a holiday all the same and, along with her best friend, Jemma, she's determined to have the time of her life on this trip.

90's British boy band Bon Voyage are about to make a comeback.  On a cruise ship.  The same cruise ship that Aimee and Jemma are about to begin their holiday on.  But, this soon-to-be-reformed boy band are now nudging middle age, and all is definitely not rosy in the garden of this reunion, not where the band's "front man", Andy Crabtree, and the former "bad boy" of the group, Danny Johnson, are concerned, anyway.  For a number of reasons their relationship had never been good, and sixteen years away from each other hasn't changed that, but Danny isn't in a good mood anyway - his marriage to Newcastle party princess and Z-List celebrity wannabe Davina Black is on the rocks, and he's not entirely sure that putting himself back in the limelight is what he really wants.  But what he does want is some fun.  Danny Johnson is all set to go back to his "bad boy" ways, until he meets Aimee Anderson.

So, when Aimee finally comes face to face with the man of her teenage dreams, is it actually possible that they could have the fun they both badly seem to need together?  Or is someone - or something - going to prevent Aimee from having a holiday to remember?

The story takes place over the 14 nights of the cruise, with each new "chapter" being a new port of call - and  I loved writing this book.  I've been on various cruise holidays, and I've put quite a few of the excursions I experienced, the people I met, the things I loved about those holidays, into this book - with a lot of artistic licence, obvioulsy! ;-)  And, being a bit of a Take That fan (it's a habit I can't shake, and believe me, I've tried) I just had to get a boy band in there somewhere, didn't I? And it gave me a good excuse to wonder what I would do if I ever came face to face with my favourite boy band member... ;-)

Now, this book isn't meant to change the world - it isn't going to be challenging for The Booker Prize or make J.K. Rowling quiver in her boots, but what I hope it does do is give anyone who reads it a little bit of escapism, because that's what I write - escapism.  It's supposed to take you out of your own world for a little bit and take you into the world of the characters, for just a few hours.  And if I manage to do that, then I'll be one very happy little indie author indeed. ;-)

Anyway, I hope you some of you will take the plunge and join Aimee, Jemma and Bon Voyage on their crazy, fun-filled and sometimes surpising cruise around the sunny Mediterranean, and if you've already bought your copy, then thank you. Your support is always, ALWAYS appreciated. More than you'll ever know...

Right, I'm off to walk the dog then grab myself a cup of tea and settle down to an afternoon of promoting, more promoting, and probably a little bit more promoting after that, too... But I will be stopping to watch The Apprentice later tonight. I could do with a laugh...

If you'd like to check out a small excerpt from the book, you can do so here - Bon Voyage - a little taster
And the book is now available to download for only £1.91/$3.08 from  or


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