Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Meet The Author - Hardit Singh

It's time for another of my 'Meet the Author' interviews, a chance for us to find out a little bit more about some of the fabulous and diverse indie authors that are out there, and today it's my absolute pleasure to talk to Hardit Singh - writer of everything from crime thrillers, mystery and suspense, to romance; both short stories and full-length novels.

So, let's find out a little bit more about Hardit, his books, and just what it is that motivates him to write...

First of all, tell us a little bit about you...
Born in the South West of England, studied Information Technology and worked for a few years in the industry. Quickly discovered that I wanted to make writing my priority.

When did you first know that you wanted to write?
I can't remember the exact moment, but I was studying during my degree and I think it was after reading a book, I thought I would love to try and write a novel. The idea didn't seem to scare me, I was more intrigued and excited about the challenge and possibilities.

What - if any - are the influences behind your books?  What motivates you to write?
I get my influences from everywhere, books, news, TV, a conversation with somebody. Usually I'm always on the look out for new ideas and when one comes around I try to put myself in the best position to capture it.

My biggest motivation is to help people. That my book in some way help the reader, whether through escapism or inspiration through my characters.

Tell us a little bit about your books...
My books tend to be crime novels and I generally like creating a lot of pace in my book and keep things moving. I love to write about issues that effect society such as in my latest novel sex trafficking. I plan to write more books in areas like these and hopefully in the near future I can write one on activism.

What's your writing process?  Do you have a regular routine when you're writing a book?
I don't outline my books, I usually have a beginning and end in mine and maybe a few big events, but this all moves as I write and I'm constantly finding new paths for the story to go. 
I always work in the mornings and afternoons, I find I'm much more productive in the morning. I start with editing the previous days writing and then begin writing the next part of the story.

What do you like to do when you're not writing?  
I love doing physical things like going to the gym and hiking.

Have you got any future projects in the pipeline that you can tell us about?
I'm currently preparing myself to create a series of police procedural novels. Just need to do some research before I feel comfortable enough to write about this world.

Thank you, Hardit, for taking the time to answer my questions.  It's been great to talk to you and find out a little bit more about you and your work.  I wish you every success for the future.

Hardit's books are available to download now from, and Smashwords.

You can also find out more about Hardit and his books on his official Website. 

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