Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday musings...

Three things I learnt over the weekend - my hair is in desperate need of a re-style, Paul Rudd has the most gorgeous eyes (and does anyone else think he looks a teensy bit like my 80's favourite Andrew McCarthy?), and I still can't think of a bloody title for this new book of mine!  It's seriously giving me a major headache now - more so than the slightly-too-much-red-wine I had to drink on Saturday night, but those Paranormal Activity movies - for all they're a touch silly - really freaked me out a bit! I needed the drink to calm me nerves.
Paul Rudd - Come on, he does look a bit like Andrew McCarthy!
Anyway, back to the subject of this non-existent book title.  Who would have thought that writing a novel of 90,000+ words could be a million times easier (okay, slight exaggeration there but you get me drift) than thinking of a handful to put on the front cover!  But actually, as I draw ever-closer to my first year anniversary as an independent author, I've realised that those handful of words and the image that accompanies them can be just as important as the 90,000+ words written inside.

But, seriously, I'm having sleepless nights over this title business now.  The book's a comedy romance set aboard a cruise ship so trying to get that across in the title is rather important, I think.  I mean, I've got my husband trying his best to come up with ideas but to be honest, he's still finding it very difficult to get his head round the romance side of things and the majority of what he's thrown in my direction sounds more like something you'd find in the adult book section at Ann Summers, but at least he's trying, bless him.  And he did leave me with a bit of an idea as he left for work this morning but it's still only half an idea and me head is, quite frankly, hurting with the effort of trying to come up with that perfect title.  I'm actually only halfway through writing the first draft of this book, so I've actually still got quite a bit of time before I need to finalise the title, but for some reason I'm practically obsessed with finding that perfect title now!  I've got a great cover idea, but can I find the right words to make this book exactly what I want it to be?  Can I hell!  So, I'm going to try and forget about it for a while, put it to the back of my mind, and hope that at some point it'll come to me like someone switching on a light bulb, but preferably not during tonight's Coronation Street as Frank finally gets his come uppance this evening and I've been waiting weeks for this!  If it could happen during Eastenders, that'd be fine because that soap is beginning to bore me to the point where I can actually watch it for the entire half hour yet, when it's over, not have a clue what happened during those 30 minutes.

Anyway, I'm rambling again, so, what else is going on in my life?  Well, nothing earth-shatteringly exciting, but there is a chance that I'll be let out of the house on Wednesday, released from my desk, freed from the constraints of the computer to nip down the road to Durham to meet my old friend Sasha for a bit of a catch-up, and maybe a little glass of wine or two.  I reckon I deserve a bit of a treat, I haven't had a proper day (or night, come to think of it) out for so long!  A ridiculously long time, actually.  So, I'm looking forward to it.  And hopefully that'll take me mind off this obsessive search for the perfect book title.  Hopefully.

Oh, and today is also the day when I vowed to start making an effort to try and lose a few pounds before the summer (should we be lucky enough to have one in the UK this year, that is - you never can tell!), so, what do I find myself doing as I write this?  Shoving half a chunky Kit Kat in me mouth, that's what!  I tell you, it's the stress of trying to think of this book title that's doing it... any ideas on a postcard, please...

 Have a great Monday, everyone!

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  1. It will come when you least expect it! Mine hit me yesterday and it was so blindingly obvious I could have kicked myself. Good luck! Sending you title-fairies! xxx