Friday, 9 March 2012

Another Friday catch-up...

Does anyone else ever get sucked in by watching the shopping channels?  It doesn't usually happen to me as I don't usually watch them that often, but the other night - when hubby was having a bath - I decided to have a bit of a flick through the ridiculous amount of satellite channels we have, and seeing as every music channel I landed on was either showing adverts or playing something from One Direction (yes, and I can tell you which direction I'd like to send them in... back to school, preferably, as they all still look about 12!  Ooh, don't get me started...) I moved up to the shopping channels.  And what did they happen to be selling on the first one I stopped at? 
What woman doesn't like a good handbag?
The one thing that always seems to grab my attention for a nanosecond and then suddenly takes hold with a vice-like grip I can't seem to shake - handbags.  Yep.  And this is coming from a woman who is just so not girly.  But, there's just something about handbags that keeps me watching, I can't help it.  I'm a sucker for a decent handbag, especially if it's got lots of compartments, and this partiucular bag they happened to be showing when I landed on that channel had loads of compartments!  I tell you, they know what they're doing, these shopping channels.  They know how to sell something to someone, I'll give them that, 'cos by the time she'd shown this bag from every conceivable angle, inside and out - and it also had an adjustable and detachable strap, no less - I was almost reaching out for me credit card!  Except, it was £99.50 so they could jog on at that price.  I mean, the other week, we bought a carpet cleaner (cream carpets + dog = we desperately needed one!) which only cost about £20 more than that handbag, and we're paying for that in 3 easy monthly installments but when it comes to handbags, are they giving us the option of paying for those in 3 easy monthly installments?  Are they heck!  No.  You want to look good, then you've got to fork out the cash in one big lump, so I'll be sticking to a more reasonably priced handbag, should I be needing a new one any time soon - which I don't.  But do we women really need an excuse to buy a handbag?  Anyway, I'm in danger of veering off at a tangent again here, so, what's been happening this week in my world?

Well, the big news is I was let out for the day on Wednesday!  Yes, I actually left the confines of the back bedroom, said goodbye to the computer for the day, left the writing behind, and met up with my friend Sasha, whom I've known since the very early 90's.  We've been Take That fans together, spent many a fabulous weekend down the pubs and bars of Whitley Bay back in the 90's, and had some great times.  We lost touch for a few years - as people sometimes do, life can be like that sometimes - but, thanks to the wonders of Facebook, we got in touch again, and now we try to meet up as regularly as we can for catch-ups, a glass of wine or two, and a good gossip.  And it's nice.  I need that from time to time.  I love writing, and I guess I'm a bit of a solitary person to be honest, and maybe that's a good thing at times because it means I don't mind shutting myself away from the world and immersing myself in my stories and characters.  But, as much I like my own company, even I need to get out of the house now and again, just to see that there is a real world out there!  So, Wednesday was a good day.  I had fun, and I needed that.

But, after having that short but very welcome break, it meant I went back to the writing on Thursday fresh and raring to go - and go I did!  At around half past three yesterday afternoon I had one of those 'eureka' moments that we writers sometimes get, when the story you're writing suddenly all starts to make sense, when all the pieces fall into place and everything just fits together.  And I was so happy!  I'd forgotten what a great feeling that was, but it now means I am definitely on the home straight with the first draft of this book now.  The story is 100% there; the characters have come to life, I know where they're all going, and I now know how this story is going to end, because I don't always know how a story is going to end when I begin writing it - that very much depends on the characters, but these particular characters have been very good to me.  They've given me very few headaches, let's put it that way!

So, it's time for me to really get my head down over the next few weeks, crack on, and get this first draft finished.  And then the real fun begins with the editing process, the re-writes - and let's not forget, I still haven't got a bloody title yet!  But it'll come.  I'm sure of that.  It'll come - eventually!

Ryan Gosling - my weekend treat? A girl can only hope...

But it's almost the weekend, and what's that got in store for me?  Nothing earth-shatteringly exciting, just the usual food shopping, visiting family, and hopefully something to watch on Saturday night that preferably contains Bradley Cooper or Ryan Gosling, I'm not fussed which.  I'm easy.  And if I was faced with either of those two, I'd be even easier... And on that note...

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Whatever you're doing! ;-)

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