Tuesday, 7 February 2012

What a difference a day makes...

Just a quick post today because I've got work to do!  Lots of work, actually, because this new book of mine is coming along great and I can't wait to get back to work on it!

But I just felt that I had to come back on here to maybe correct a few things that I might have said in yesterday's blog post, mainly about me cutting myself off from Twitter/Facebook etc.  Because - after a day and a night to think about things, and some great advice from a fellow author who I love to bits because she always manages to talk incredible sense and pull me back from making what could be big mistakes - I've realised that to cut myself off from the social networking side of things completely could be tantamount to writing suicide!  People will forget me (well, those that know who I am in the first place!), my name could disappear into oblivion once more and, well, basically, all that hard work I've done over the past few months could just go to waste.  And do I really want to have to start all over again?  Not really, no.  I'm exhausted enough as it is.  A new book is one thing, but I think when I mentioned a brand new start yesterday, I didn't really mean it that literally! Not when I sit back and think about things in a sensible and rational way, which I should try doing more often, really.

So, whilst the work will continue on with my as yet untitled new book (and why is trying to think of the name for a book so hard!), I won't totally be buggering off from Twitter/Facebook/etc. quite as drastically as I might have intonated yesterday.  It was Monday, I was tired, and I had things I wanted to say.  I'm just now beginning to think that maybe I should have a cup of coffee, think about things for a bit, and then start writing these blog posts and then maybe I'll get what I really want to say out first time, without having to come back and explain myself again!  I guess I'm too impulsive for me own good sometimes!

Anyway, I think I've definitely explained myself properly now - I have a lot of work to do in order to get my new book finished, edited, etc. so that I can give it the May release I want for it, so I will be trying to limit my social networking time to some extent, but I can't stay away completely, because that just doesn't feel right at all!

Oh, and don't worry.  The next blog post I'm going to write isn't going to be me wittering on about owt and nowt again, it's going to be entited - Ryan Gosling -v- Bradley Cooper.  Make of that what you will, but I did promise some movie-related posts this month as we hurtle towards The Oscars, didn't I? ;-) 

Right, now I really am buggering off for a bit to get some writing done.  And I can't wait...


  1. I do hope you will be wittering on about owt and nowt, that's why I visit.... laugh! As if we'd forget you.... keep smiling, I will if you will. xx

  2. In that case, Pauline, I will DEFINITELY keep smiling! Thank you!! :) xx