Tuesday, 20 December 2011

See You At The Show - My Ultimate Fantasy Cast List!

I think it's time for some fun blog posts this week.  So, with that in mind, I thought I'd re-visit this theme, and - as was done in this post not so long ago, No Matter What - My Ultimate Fantasy Cast List - I thought I'd do the same with another of my books, the raunchy, sexy, rock 'n' roll romance, See You At The Show.

So, let's once again imagine that Steven Spielberg's been on the 'phone, begging me to let him turn this book into a movie (I told you I've got a vivid imagination!), but he wants me to input some ideas as to who I'd like cast in the lead roles.  Well, it's easy really.  As I've mentioned before, when I create characters for my books I almost always write them with someone in mind, it makes it just that little bit easier as far as I'm concerned.

But just who did I have in mind when I was creating the characters in See You At The Show?  Who do I think would be perfect to play the lead roles in this imaginary movie?

Here's who...

Joseph Fiennes - my perfect Mark Cassidy!
Let's start with Mark Cassidy, the front man of the fictional rock band in the book, Black Rock Diamond.  Just who did I have in mind when I created him?  This may come as a surprise, but he wasn't based on an actual rock star at all.  When I created Mark I didn't necessarily want him to look like your typical rock star - I wanted him to be a little more, conventionally handsome, shall we say.  So, who would I like to see playing Mark?  This guy was also in my "cast list" for No Matter What, but I thought he'd be just perfect in See You At The Show too - the ever lovely Joseph Fiennes!  As he looks in this picture.  Just like this, but add a boat-load of tattoos, maybe mess the hair up a bit more, make him American... then we have my perfect Mark Cassidy!

Maybe an odd choice, but that's the way my mind works!!

My choice for See You At The Show's Johnny Jackson - Dave Grohl!
Right, who's next.  Ah, yes.  Mark's best friend and band mate, Black Rock Diamond's lead guitarist, Johnny Jackson.  This character would be so easy to cast, because there is only one person who could play Johnny Jackson in my eyes - my own ultimate Rock God, The Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl!
Dave Grohl - my real-life ultimate Rock God!
He's Johnny Jackson personified, really.  He's exactly how I imagined him to be as I wrote him, so he would be more than perfect for that role.  Absolutely ideal! And we wouldn't even have to stick any fake tattoos on him! ;)

Ok, who haven't we done yet?  Oh, yes, of course.  The rather lovely Daniel Madison - the ambitious, prominent and handsome politician in the book.  Who would be perfect to play him?  Absolutely no doubt in my mind about this one, either.  Again, only one person in my eyes could do this - and we're kind of keeping it in the Fiennes family here a bit, but I think Ralph Fiennes is the perfect Daniel Madison!

Ralph Fiennes - the perfect Daniel Madison? Oh, yes!
As he was in the movie 'Maid in Manhattan', but without the American accent, of course!  Because Daniel Madison is the archetypal English man.  He's polite, courteous, with a perfect middle-English accent; a man who is thrown completely out-of-his-depth, because he falls in love with a woman he wouldn't usually have even crossed paths with.  I just loved the idea of pushing two completely different people from two completely different worlds together, and then see what happens...

Natalie Portman - could she be Stevie?
But it's when we come to the "casting" of that aforementioned woman - the beautiful, wild and outspoken Stevie Stone, roadie with the band Black Rock Diamond, and Mark Cassidy's on-off girlfriend - that I kind of hit a bit of a brick wall.  When I create my female characters they usually come straight from my imagination, they're not usually based on anyone in particular, but I suppose they always carry a little bit of me in there somewhere.  So, who would I "cast" as Stevie, if I had to find the perfect actress to play her in this fictional movie?  Well, I've had a think, looked at a few actresses to see who would fit the part, and I came across the lovely Natalie Portman.  She's a great actress, get the hair a bit shorter, stick some tattoos on her, she could be Stevie!  Anyone else got any ideas on who would be perfect to play Stevie Stone?

So, there we have it.  The main characters in my raunchy rock 'n' roll romance, See You At The Show.  My fantasy "cast" list, the people who I think would be perfect to play the lead roles in a fictional movie of the book - but, for those that have read the book, who would you have cast as Mark, Johnny, Daniel and Stevie?  I'd love to know what you think...  

See You At The Show is available to download from Amazon.co.uk  and Amazon.com.


  1. You're right I wouldn't have cast Joseph Fiennes as Mark Cassidy but I can see how it works. Dave Grohl is an excellent choice. I might have picked Madonna with short cropped hair for Stevie. Fun post!

  2. Yowsa! Love that picture of Joseph Fiennes. Funny that you say you envision real-life men (actors, musicians) as your male characters, but your female characters are not based on anyone because I do the exact same thing! My female characters are always constructs of my own imagination while I usually latch on to the physicality/voice/demeanor of some actor for my male characters.