Thursday, 22 December 2011

It's Christmas! And time to say thank you...

It may be Christmas, but I didn't feel in the festive spirit at all yesterday, to put it mildly.  I'd obviously eaten something that hadn't agreed with me (my husband reckoned it was a chocolate eclair because I'd eaten one of those and he hadn't, but I refuse to believe that something containing chocolate and fresh cream could have made me as ill as I'd felt yesterday - that's not the kind of world I want to live in!), so I spent most of yesterday suffering agonising stomach pains, inbetween which all I wanted to do was sleep, but, the most shocking thing of all, was that I had absolutely no appetite!  Didn't eat a thing yesterday, I couldn't.  And anyone who knows me knows I love my food - especially at this time of year - so for me to not want to eat really meant I was ill!  It was all I could do to get a cup of tea down my neck!  Even my favourite TV chefs, the Hairy Bikers, were making me feel quite queasy, and that's not good, because I love the food they make!  And I also quite fancy Si King, but that's another blog post altogether, that is...

My favourite TV chefs - Si King's the one on the left, by the way...
Anyway, I'm feeling quite a bit better today, my appetite's slowly coming back, although I couldn't face anything more than toast right now.  And that better change before Christmas.  Hopefully I'm on the mend now; just feeling a bit tired, so not a full day at the computer today, I don't think.  Back down to the sofa with the dog and a Christmas movie this afternoon, because we're hitting the shops for that last minute food shopping tomorrow, and that won't be for the faint hearted, I can tell you.  I need to get me strength back up for that little outing!

So, here are are.  2011 is drawing to an end, and what a year it's been!  To say there've been a few ups and downs would be an understatement, but the most important thing of all was that this was the year in which I started to fulfill my dream - that dream of becoming a writer.  It's still very, very early days, and my journey is only just beginning, but at least I've finally found the courage and the confidence to get out there and give it a go.  Even though it's the scariest, and yet - at the same time - the most exciting thing I've ever done!

And, as I've travelled on this writing journey of mine, I've met some amazing people - other authors, book reviewers, people who I got to know thanks to Twitter and Facebook - and without those people, I'm not sure I would have come as far as I have done this year because, as I'm sure those of you that know me well can testify, I've wanted to throw in the towel on more than one occasion.  But thanks to the fantastic support - and friendship - from a lot of those people I've met along the way, I'm still here, still writing, and looking forward to 2012, when I hope I can push my writing dream forward a little more with two planned books - the soon-to-be-completed follow up to No Matter What, which should be released round about April/May next year, and a Christmas romance, which I'm hoping to have ready to release by November/early December 2012.  That's my plan, and that's what I'm going to be working on.

So, I guess what I really want to say in this post is thank you - to everyone who's supported me, encouraged me, and- most importantly of all - put up with me this year.  It really means a lot.

Thank you to all those who've bought my books, read my books, reviewed my books and, hopefully, enjoyed them!  You're the important ones, you're the ones I want to keep happy because, without the readers, without those people who love to buy books, we writers really have no point!
It means more than you'll ever know to read a good review, or some kind words about my stories.  You have no idea how ridiculously happy that can make a humble indie author like me feel, so I can only hope that you'll continue to read and enjoy my work in the future.

Thank you to everyone who's liked my Facebook Fan page, friended me on Facebook, read this blog, joined this blog, featured on this blog, or followed me on Twitter.  All those little things really do mean a lot.

So, all I really want to say now - before I pop off to enjoy Christmas, open a few presents (I'm getting a Kindle!!), see the family, finally watch Hangover 2 (and you have no idea how excited I am about that one! A bit of Bradley Cooper over Christmas... yes please!) - sorry, where was I?  Got slightly distracted there for a second... I must be feeling better.  Oh yes, I really do hope that everyone has a fantastic Christmas!  Whatever you've got planned.  Enjoy!

And, once again, thank you.  All of you.  Your support is more appreciated than you'll ever know.

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