Wednesday, 28 December 2011

It's about time for another darts-themed blog post...

I don't think it's much of a secret anymore that I'm a bit of a darts fan.  So, as far as I'm concerned, it's that time of year again - that time of year when we really know it's Christmas in our house.  Because the darts is on.  The PDC World Darts Championship, the tournament I kind of wait all year for.  And it's not disappointing me so far, infact, it's all going my way - at the minute!  By that, of course, I mean that all the players I love to watch are still in there with a fighting chance of winning this thing, including the lovely Paul Nicholson, my favourite darts "eye candy", and my muse for the character of darts-playing Paul "Bad Lad" Parker in my light-hearted comedy romance Too Much Trouble in Paradise.

Paul Nicholson - "official" darts eye candy!
Mind you, it was touch and go in his first round match, most of which I watched from behind a cushion as Nicholson struggled to find his best darts against the Austrian player Mensur Suljovic, giving me one excuse after another to hit the vodka (Spanish measures!) to calm me nerves, even though he finally managed to overcome his opponent and win by 3 sets to 1.  He made bloody hard work of it though.  Thanks, Paul.  You made being a fan of The Asset tough going that evening.

However, I'm pleased to say that his second round match last night was much easier to watch, mainly because me nerves had already been calmed thanks to 2 glasses of sparkling wine drank during the incredible match between Phil Taylor and Dave Chisnall beforehand, but more about that in a minute.

No, last night Mr Nicholson came through and beat Alan Tabern easily to reach the final 16, although, to be honest, I spent most of the earlier stages of the match with me concentration wandering to his hair!  Not sure what's been going on over Christmas but I could have sworn Nicholson's hair had been a few shades lighter when he'd played his first round match.  Last night he looked like he'd dipped his head in a bowl of black shoe polish!  My lovely #DartsFamily Twitter friend @shancalfe pointed out that he looked like Gary Numan, and she wasn't wrong.  I half expected him to break away from the dart board, forget about hitting that double top, and start belting out 'Are Friend's Electric'!  It was extremely distracting, especially as I'd been certain that Phil Taylor had also been getting up close and cosy with the old hair dye in the previous match.  Is there something going on backstage at that tournament that we don't know about it?  Is Simon Whitlock going to appear this afternoon with a Beatles cut?  Actually, that doesn't bear thinking about...

Where was I?  Oh yeah, Paul Nicholson.  So, he won, I was happy, because it guarantees me a bit more eye candy during this tournament, and that's never a bad thing.  'Tis the season to be shallow, after all, and Paul Nicholson really brings that side out in me at this time of year.  I'm a darts tart, what can I say?  If he approached me with his arrows clutched firmly in his hand and asked me to check out his Shanghai finish I'd be there faster than you could say 'Bullseye'!

But, despite Mr Nicholson undeniably being the "easy on the eye" match last night, the game of the entire tournament so far (for me) was the match that went before him on December 27th - the match that saw another of my favourite players - Dave "Chizzy" Chisnall knock Phil "The Power" Taylor out of the World Darts Championship in the second round!

Dave "Chizzy" Chisnall victorious after his win over Taylor.
I'd missed the first set due to my need to see whether Sacha and Chrissie finally got it together on 'Holby City' (I'm an old romantic at heart!), so when I did eventually turn over at 9pm I was surprised - although certainly not disappointed - to see that Mr Chisnall had taken the first set off Phil Taylor, so I settled myself down with a tin of Roses, sparkling wine, and the hope that this PDC newcomer could actually see off the 15-times World Champion.  And what a match it turned out to be!

Now, I've got nothing against Phil Taylor, infact, he's also one of my favourite players, but I love to see an underdog win - I think a lot of us do.  And I've been a fan of Dave Chisnall's ever since I saw him play in the BDO World Championships not that long ago, so to see him playing the way he did in his second round match, well, it was bloody exciting, to say the least.  Got quite animated I did, which, at this time of year, means moving around somewhere other than in the direction of the After Eights!  Don't know what the neighbours must've thought though, with the shouting and cheering coming from me and my husband as those final darts were thrown.  A great result - for me, and for Dave Chisnall! - and a great night of darts all round.

Now we just have to see what happens in the next round for the players I'm keeping a very close eye on - Paul Nicholson and Dave Chisnall - and keep my fingers crossed that they continue to play the way they did last night.  Because to see them go further in this tournament, well, that would make me one very happy darts fan indeed...

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  1. Is it me or is Dave Chisnall quite fit?

    Devon Petersen is gorgeous for sure, check him out mchelle and yes I like Nicholson I think he overdoes his antics though a bit but I like him but sometimes he comes over worse than I think he is.