Friday, 16 December 2011

Authors - want your book featured on my blog? This month's featured book - Satchfield Hall by Pauline Barclay.

As well as my new 'Meet The Author' features I've started recently here on my blog, I've also decided to begin a featured Book of the Month slot, which basically means that, for a whole month - obviously! - my blog will carry a cover image of whichever book I'm featuring at the time, and a link to where the book can be bought, as well as a short introductory post explaining a little more about the book, and anymore links where the book can be purchased.

If you're an author - especially if you're an indie author - and you'd like your book featured on my blog (I'm looking at books for February onwards now) then please let me know and I'll certainly do my best to get your book up here on my blog. And, if you'd also like to be featured in my 'Meet The Author' slot, then please get in touch and I'll get some questions sent over to you.

My first Featured Book of the Month is Satchfield Hall by Pauline Barclay...

'When the news reached Henry Bryant-Smythe about his daughter’s indiscretion, he not only dealt with it, but stamped on it with such a resounding thud, that the consequences ricocheted through the years and well into the future. Henry Bryant-Smythe cared nothing for the consequences of his actions and even less for the feelings of those involved, with the exception of his own, and these he cosseted.

Celia Bryant-Smythe’s disgrace set in motion events that would affect the lives of many people, taking decades to unravel. Lives would be lost and destroyed and it would take until the death of the one man who had callously started it all, Henry Bryant-Smythe, until it was finally over.

Satchfield Hall is not about gentleness, tranquillity and privilege; it is about, power, love, lies and in the end revenge.'

Satchfield Hall is available to download for Kindle from,,, and

And it is available to buy in paperback from and

And look out for my author interview with Pauline Barclay here on my blog, very soon!

You can also find out more about Pauline and her books by visiting the fabulous new blogsite for authors and book reviewers Famous Five Plus

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  1. Michelle, my Chick Lit novel won't be out for another month (mid-Jan), but I'd love to do a "Meet the Author" interview with you or be featured in your "Book of the Month" column. Feel free to drop me an e-mail at