Wednesday, 2 November 2011

'No Matter What' - My Ultimate Fantasy Cast List...

Ok.  You've just come home, after doing the weekly food shop in Tesco when, as you're having a well-deserved cup of tea with your feet up watching Bargain Hunt, you recieve a call from a top Hollywood  studio - they want to turn your book into a movie!  And they want you to choose the actors who will play your carefully created and wonderfully written characters!

Now, that situation is probably not going to happen to all that many of us, in reality, but just imagine if it did!  What would you do?  Who would you choose to play that all important lead role?  Which actors would you, as the author of this book they want to turn into a box office smash, pick to play out those characters you spent so many hours trying to get just right?

Is this even something that any of us have ever thought about?  Well, actually, yeah.  I've often thought about it, but as I live in cloud cuckoo land on a permanent basis that's not really surprising.  I actually write all of my books imagining who would play the lead roles in a movie version, but that's just the kind of person I am.  Make of that what you will.

But let's have a bit of fun and fantasy today - let's just imagine that this scenario is true, that Hollywood is just begging you to get involved and tell them who you want on board - would you turn that chance down?  Would I?  Would I hell!  I'd be throwing ideas at them faster than you could say George Clooney!

So - and I'm going to think of this as though I'm casting the roles for this fictional (unfortunately!) movie based on my debut novel 'No Matter What' - I've now got to get my thinking hat on and decide who, out there in movie-land, is cut out to play characters I've grown to love very much indeed. 

Shouldn't be too hard a job, actually ...  although, I'm picking movie stars to play movie stars because, as those of you familiar with the book will know, a lot of the characters - well, most of them, really - are movie stars...

Ok.  Now, those of you who've read the book will know these characters well - I know them so well I dream about the buggers half the time, especially as I'm writing the sequel to 'No Matter What' as we speak, so they're on my mind all over again - so, I'd especially like to know what you think of my choices, and whether you yourself would have picked anyone different.

Let's start with the male characters.  And one of the main male characters - probably one of the most important - is that of Kenny Ross, a young (when the book starts out, anyway) drop-dead-gorgeous movie star with dark hair, deep brown eyes, and a bit of a laid-back attitude to life.  And the actor I'd love to play him?  Step forward Mr Keanu Reeves!

Keanu Reeves - my perfect Kenny!
As far as I'm concerned, nobody else could play the role of Kenny Ross.  And I would argue the toss should anybody say otherwise.  I'm an ex-theatre luvvie, I'm allowed to throw hissy fits!

Ok.  So that's Kenny Ross sorted.  Keanu's got that part, but what about the next most important lead male character - Reece Brogan.  Reece is a Hollywood icon, a bit of an old-school actor, English born with Irish heritage, he's suave, sophisticated and conventionally good looking.  A true leading man.  Who would I love to play him?  Pierce Brosnan.  

Pierce Brosnan - the only man for Reece!

Can't think of anyone else who I'd like to play that part, although I'd take George Clooney if I had to...  oh, to be in the position where I had to take George Clooney ... ok, where was I?

Oh yeah.  I'm casting my fictional movie.  Who are we going to pick next then?  How about the character of Michael Walsh?  The man with a dangerous obsession.  Another Hollywood icon, but a more unconventionally handsome one this time.  The character of Michael is more quirky, less obviously good looking, but with a charm that makes him incredibly attractive and a smile that could - at one time - get him any woman he wanted.  Who do I think could play him best?  The actor that springs to mind here is one Michael Keaton.  He's got those quirky qualities, and I've always loved him as an actor anyway, and don't get me started on who was the best ever 'Batman', I'll be here for hours!

Michael Keaton - good enough to be MY Michael? I think so.
Ok.  We're flying through these.  Who's next?  How about the all-important female characters?  What about India Steven herself?  Who would I love to play her?  Well, to be honest, thinking about the female roles was harder than the male ones, but someone like Charlize Theron would be perfect for India!

Charlize Theron - my perfect India
She's blonde, she's stunning, she's everything that I imagined India to be when I was writing her, so yeah, I think she'd be perfect!  I'm having fun here - who's next?

How about India's best friend, Charley Miles?  Charley is dark haired, and just as beautiful as India, so someone like Megan Fox springs to mind.

Megan Fox - in my eyes, the right one for Charley.
And now, let's look at the character of Vince Maine - the handsome, successful best friend of Michael Walsh.  Las Vegas hotel owner, and all-round good guy, Vince is the perfect gentleman.  Who could I see playing him?  Again, George Clooney could do it (and he always does it for me!) but I'm seeing someone more like Vince Vaughn being the perfect Vince Maine!
He's tall, dark haired, and good-looking, again in that more quirky sense of the word.  He'd be great!
I'm already writing that script ...
Vince Vaughn - my choice for Vince Maine!

Out of my main cast of characters, who's left that I'd really like to cast?  I suppose the only other main one I'd really have to consider would be the character of JJ Foster, who we meet much later on in the book.  JJ is a young, incredibly handsome - almost too handsome - TV actor with dark brown hair, dark, brooding eyes, and a killer smile.  Have I got anyone in mind for him?  You bet your life I have!  Step forward Mr Joseph Fiennes!
The perfect JJ - Joseph Fiennes.

Yeah.  He'll do!

Now, although I was doing this post based on 'No Matter What', did I mention that a sequel (working title - 'Illusions of Love') has been written and will be released at some point, hopefully some time later this year? And whilst most of the aforementioned characters make some welcome (and not-so-welcome) reappearences, there's also been the introduction of a new, utterly gorgeous, incredibly handsome new character with the most stunning eyes and a smile that could make any woman go weak.  Dominic MacDonald.  Who would I have playing him?  Should this fictional Hollywood studio call me back and ask for the sequel to be made into another box office smash, that is.  Well, and this probably comes as no surprise to those of you who know me well, but he would have to be played by the one and only Bradley Cooper!  No questions asked, no arguments, no compromising.

Bradley Cooper - my one and only Dominic MacDonald.
So there we have it.  I've just cast the fictional movie of my very real novel.  And, as I mentioned before, if you've read 'No Matter What', do you agree with my choices for the movie versions of my characters?  Or would you have picked someone completely different for those parts?  I'd really love to know. 

And if you haven't yet read the book, maybe you now fancy giving it a try because - and it's shamless self-promotion time again - it's only a couple of quid/dollars to download, which isn't a lot of money for a whole lot of book! 800+ pages, remember! ;-)  Sex, obsession, jealousy, betrayal - what more could you want? Have I sold it to anyone yet?

Anyway, thank you for sitting through my little flight of fantasy.  Maybe it's even given you something to think about when you feel like popping off to la la land for a little bit of escapism (I'm there quite often!) ... maybe it's given you some ideas of your own ... who would you pick to star in the movie version of your book ...

In the meantime, I'm off for a lie down and a much-needed cup of very strong tea ...

If you fancy reading 'No Matter What' for yourself, you can buy it here from  or

Over 800 pages of sexy escapism!


  1. Oh wow, this is fun! Ok, so I don't have a book but I know that if I did Ian Somerhalder would star in the movie. Oh and I would create a part for Chris Zylak and then I would love the interest. Reese Witherspoon and Britney Spears would aso have to be in it. LOL Maybe I should write a book based around these roles...hahaha

  2. Now that is one film I would DEFINITELY like to see ;)

  3. God Keanu Reeves is just too hot, He is beyond gorgeous, Is it true he is half white and half asian?, That's a sexy mix.

    Never took much notice to Vince Vaughn but he is hot, Looks fit in that pic, who do you think is hotter Vince Vaughn or Will Ferrell?

  4. I think Keanu's father was Hawaiian - not sure, but I think that's right...

    Between Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell - it would have to be Vince Vaughn for me. :)

  5. I enjoyed this blog so much, I'm actually going to do something similar and imagine the cast of my own novel on my blog.

    And if any Hollywood producers out there are reading this, PLEASE make this movie, using Michelle's choices for the cast. A lot of hotties in one'd make a fortune at the box office. Thanks. :)