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Author Interview - Elle Amberley

In the first of my new, regular 'Meet the Author' interviews, I am very pleased to be talking to Elle Amberley, author of Nowhere Left to Hide and Occupy Me, a French Affair.

Although she is a British author, Elle likes to dabble in French too and hopes to resume work on her French novel when time allows.
She’s a bohemian at heart, the result of having lived in several countries as a child.
She also enjoys writing articles on women’s issues and whatever she feels passionate about, as well as poetry and short stories.
Lost in your time is scheduled for publication in February 2012.
Elle’s books are available in both paperback and Kindle.

So, let's find out a little bit more and about Elle, and her books...

When and why did you begin writing?
At school. I was the annoying kid who wrote and rewrote essays. Only I sometimes got into trouble because of my unbridled imagination. It took me to places far beyond what was required.

What inspired you to write your first book?
One of my professors kept kicking me until I got the message. Once I started I didn't stop. All I had to do was literally allow myself to let it pour out. 

What comes first for you when planning a new book - the story or the characters? 
Ooh, haven't thought much about that. I think for me it's a package. It's like a film in my head, it's mostly there. Some characters are born as I get into the story but mostly it's just a question of writing as quickly as my fingers will allow.

How did you choose the genre you write in?
I didn't. It happened. I used to write mostly Literary fiction, under another pen name. The stories I wanted to write more recently are more Women's fiction, not a conscious move. I also write poetry, articles and short stories. To tell you the truth I hate labels and even more to be constrained. I don't really fit in any boxes, never have. 

Do you follow any particular methods when writing, for example, do you work from an outline, or do you just write and see where the story takes you? 
No method to the madness. The characters live in me for duration which is probably why I write so quickly, it's emotionally exhausting. I laugh and I cry with them. Surprise happen on the way. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your books? 
Nowhere Left to Hide is my latest novel. It's kind of a coming of age story, a young woman fleeing her childhood ghosts and her tormentors. By going away to California she's able to shake off the labels and find herself. It's a love story with abuse as a backbone but it's full of hope, a positive story.

What are you working on at the moment?
I always have several projects on the go. Lost in your time has gone through final edits and is due to be published in February. I have zillions of short stories, one to be published this week. I have two more novels in various stages and a French novel which I'd really love to finish writing when I have a bit more time.
Do you have anything due for publication coming out in the near future?
Ooops, kind of answered that. 

What do you like to spend time doing when you're not writing?
I swim every day, it helps me focus. Mostly I spend time with my children, I homeschool them so I'm kept busy. Otherwise I love reading and music, we also travel quite a lot. 

Where can readers find out more about you and get hold of your books?

My website: Elle Amberley Author  
I'm on Facebook and Twitter. I'm shy but I love interacting with readers and fellow authors. So, come and chat with me.   
Elle Amberley Twitter                                 

My two latest babies:

Nowhere Left to Hide on Amazon UK  
available in paperback & Kindle

“A heartfelt tale, told with a deft touch” novelist Rowan Coleman.
‘Lyrical from start to finish, Elle Amberley embraces the essence of women and friendship in Nowhere Left to Hide. ' Ana Lewis, Founder, WomenontheVerge.net
I also have signed copies available through my site.


Occupy Me, a French Affair The arrest of a French politician in New York brings back unwanted memories as a French woman recalls her ordeals. After a brief holiday back in France, she gets caught in the upheaval in America and witnesses her boyfriend being pepper sprayed at a peaceful demonstration.

Elle, it was a pleasure to talk to you.  Thank you so much for a great interview!

You can find out more about Elle by connecting with her via Facebook, Twitter and Google, or by visiting her website.

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  1. Hi Michelle!
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