Thursday, 1 September 2011

To blog, or not to blog...

That's a question that's been going through my mind ever since I started this thing.  And regular followers (could I get a few more of those please? If anyone's willing!! It would be lovely to get into double figures!) will know that I've blogged, then stopped blogging, then started again, then left it for a while... you get the picture.  Mainly because I just didn't know if it was worth it.  And maybe as a marketing tool for my books it isn't really all that important, but the thing is, what if I just wanted to write about things that took my interest, or talk about the day I've had or the movie I've watched, or the fact that 'Celebrity Big Brother' is fast getting on my nerves?  Is there anything wrong with that?  No.  There isn't.

I mean, who said blogs had to be earth-shatteringly interesting or mind-blowingly intelligent (the fact I just used that turn of phrase proves that mine is never going to be that!)?  Nobody did.  A blog is what you want it to be, really.  It can be fun or informative, practical or pointless - it doesn't matter, as long as the person writing it is having fun and the people reading it are enjoying it.

Take this lady's blog, for example. The wonderful Mummy_Misfit.  Every day she puts a smile on my face, makes me laugh out loud, and cheers me up.  And to be able to do that is quite something.  Check her out, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Me, on the other hand, I've struggled with blogging, and I'll make no secret about that.  Probably because I know I'm just not that witty or clever enough to carry off daily posts that hold people's interest and gets them coming back time and time again.  The fact I've only got 6 followers also makes me feel quite disheartened at times and it's for that reason that I stop posting for a while - if nobody's reading it, what's the point? 
Well, like I said before, there doesn't have to be a point, not really. 

So, as for me, I'll stick with it, probably blogging a handful of times a week inbetween the writing of my 4th novel, and it won't be about anything that'll change the world, it'll just be about me.  Who I am, what I do, what I hope to achieve.  And I'd love it if people would join me on that journey, keep me company as I go about my day-to-day business, and you never know, one day this thing might actually get interesting... ;)

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  1. People just need to buy your books to see how interesting you are! Stop doubting, keep writing those novels and you'll be fine. I might blog every day but I also panic every day! Wishing you lots of love and success, you deserve it. x