Monday, 19 September 2011

Please sign this petition & help 'Save The Children'

An unscheduled blog today, but for a very good cause.

I've been tagged by @Mummy_Misfit  as a fellow blogger to help with something we should all really stop to think about from time to time, and that is the fact that children in various parts of the world are dying simply because they have very little basic healthcare.  Something we here in the UK probably take for granted.

I'm sure you've seen the incredibly moving TV adverts that are frequently on our screens, and I know that I, for one, have felt that sometimes crushing guilt that there's nothing we seem to be able to do other than give money and hope that helps.

But no money is needed to do what I'm going to ask you to do now.  Simply click this link sign the petition, and in doing so you will be making the following requests:-

Dear Prime Minister,
We call on the UK Government to:
1) Attend a high level event during the UN General Assembly where the UK and other governments make commitments to fund, train, deploy and support more health workers.
2) Commit new and additional support to help key countries strengthen their health workforce.
3) By the end of the year,  articulate how the government will support countries to deliver on the UN Global Strategy on Women’s and Children’s Health.

Now, as part of being tagged, I was also asked to write 100 words about a health care professional I have dealt with in the past.  So, here's my story...

When I was young I developed a condition – symptoms included joint pain, extreme tiredness, and a strange rash across the knuckles of both hands. GP’s diagnosed everything from blood disorders to possible MS and both myself and my family were understandably scared, but nobody could diagnose exactly what it was.  Until I was referred to a wonderful consultant at Newcastle General Hospital who diagnosed, within seconds, a rare but curable muscle wasting condition. He put everyone’s minds at rest, and looked after me for the year it took me to fully recover. An amazing man who, to this day, I’ve never forgotten.

Remember, just one click on the link above and you can do your bit for an extremely important cause.  Thank you.

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