Thursday, 8 September 2011

A girl can dream... and these are the jobs I dream of doing.

Ok, so earlier this week I blogged about the jobs I just couldn't (or wouldn't!) do, and that got me thinking not just about jobs I'd like to do, but the ultimate jobs I would love to do!  In other words, my dream jobs.  And whilst some of these jobs do actually exist, you might come across one or two in this list that exist purely in my head, and you have to remember that that can be a weird and wonderful place at times...

So, here we go.  My 5 ultimate dream jobs!

1.  Roadie for a rock band.
I have always wanted to do this!  Not totally sure I've actually got the strength needed to lug amps and God knows what else all over the place, but then I did spend a lot of time as a Media Technician, and that involved more lugging around of heavy equipment than anything else I've ever done!  Hence the reason I've never had nice nails.  So maybe I'd be ok.
I just love the whole idea of being in that world, of being surrounded by that kind of people, and that music - which is why I wrote 'See You At The Show', my latest just-released novel.  The lead female character is a roadie with a rock band, and I suppose I put a bit of who I'd really like to be into her, because given half a chance I'd have more tattoos than just the one I've got at the minute, and I'd be quite happy to spend my life on and off tour buses, living in scruffy jeans and biker boots.  Glamour does not come to me easy anyway, believe me.
So, yeah, this is an absolute dream job for me.  No doubt about it. 

2.  Hollywood Actress.
Ok, we seem to have a pattern here, because the second of my dream jobs is also something I gave to another character in another of my novels - India Steven in 'No Matter What'.  I suppose she also became something I'd quite like to be (without the complicated love life!  Read the book, you'll see what I mean!), because, despite the fact I may seem to rebel away from glamour and glitz, there really is quite a big part of me that would love to do all that red carpet stuff, wear those fantastic dresses, and have somebody else do my hair and make-up.  What girl wouldn't want that?
I also love the idea of becoming someone else, of creating another character and living their life for a little while - because that's what acting is really, isn't it?  Creating the illusion that you're somebody else.
And if it meant I got the chance to date some rather hot Hollywood actors, well, that's also one hell of a bonus... come on!  Did you honestly think I could go that long without being just a little bit shallow??

3.  Professional darts player.
Don't laugh, I'm serious!
I bloody love that sport, ever since the days of Eric Bristow and Jocky Wilson, when they used to throw their darts at a board they could barely see through the haze of cigarette smoke I've loved that sport.  And I'd love to be able to play it professionally - as a female, obviously.  I might love the sport but I'm not willing to change my sex for it!
Unfortunately, when I throw darts the entire team of 'Injury Lawyers 4 U' turn out in the hope that they'll gain a few new cases, because I'm rubbish! 
So, to stand on that oche and throw the perfect 9-darter is nothing but a pipe dream for me, so, failing that, I'll quite happily take up the role of personal wrist massager for Paul Nicholson... I'd hate to think of him suffereing any kind of stiffness when I can really help with that...

Bradley Cooper. That line's getting fainter...
4.  Bradley Cooper's Personal absolutely-anything-he-wants-me-to-be.
Read into that what you will, but ever since I saw him in 'The Hangover' I've been quite willing to do everything from put sugar in his coffee to, well, we won't go there.  Let's just say I would have a line I wouldn't cross, but it's pretty faint...

5.  Professional Author.
I know.  I've kind of started out on the road to at least trying to become one of these by setting myself up as an Independent author, but I can't lie and say I wouldn't love to be the next Jackie Collins!  To be a writer of that stature, to sell as many books as she does, to have people look forward to and wait impatiently for your next book - I would adore that!  It's been my dream for so long, and will probably continue to be just that - a dream.  But at least I can have a small (a very small) taste of being an author by doing what I'm doing, writing my books and putting them out there myself.
But if somebody was to give me that opportunity of moving forward, of becoming something more, I'd grab that oppportunity with both hands!
My own personal message from Jackie Collins.

And if somebody was to wave a magic wand and turn me into the North East of England's version of Jackie Collins I'd be even happier!!  Just not sure South West Durham can get anywhere close to Los Angeles... not even if you squint...

So there you have it.  5 of the jobs I would LOVE to be able to do - the real, and the not-so-real.  But, like the title of this post says, a girl can dream... and where Bradley Cooper is concerned, they're probably going to be very, very nice ones...

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