Friday, 2 September 2011

3 books in 3 months... let me explain...

So, I've been an Indie Author for just 3 months now, yet in that 3 months I've managed to self-publish 3 ebooks on Amazon.  How is that, I hear you ask.  Well, no, I haven't been doing a Bradley Cooper in 'Limitless' and taken some wonder-drug that allows you to bash out a book in half a day.  If only... if only I had Bradley Cooper, actually... no, that's a whole other blog post right there that is...

No, the thing is, I may have been an Indie Author for just 3 months, but I've been writing for a lot longer than that.  And those 3 books that are currently available on Amazon were all written over a two-year period, and were all completed (bar the extra obsessive editing I feel the need to do) and ready to go when I made the decision to go independent.

'No MatterWhat' - my debut novel.
I'd tried going down the conventional route of finding a literary agent, you see.  I'd done everything I could on that score, but in this day and age I was flogging a dead horse really.  Nobody seems willing to give any of us new authors out there a chance, despite the fact I have read/am reading some incredible writing from other indie authors that's just as good as - if not better than - some of the published authors I've read in the past.

So, thank the Lord that Amazon, and other such places, now allow writers like me, and those I've met and spoken to over these past few months, to put our work out there, because there is a wealth of talent that is being missed out on.  And it's such a shame.

 My foray into the world of chick lit!
But, with 3 books just sitting there doing nothing, it made sense to get them out there and available as quickly as I could, because I'd rather they were being read (hopefully!) than sat on my hard drive doing nothing!  So get them out there I did, and the result is that I now have 3 ebooks to my name - my back catalogue, so to speak, is up there to buy, and I now have to get on with the job of writing my fourth book.  Which I'm currently doing, although not right now, obviously.  I'm not that clever.  I wish I was.  To be able to write more than one thing at once would be one super power I'd quite willingly accept!

But writing is my life.  If I'm not writing then I'm not happy, and to be able to do this - regardless of how much success I gain from it, but it would be nice to gain at least a little bit - is something I'm very graetful for.  I have a husband who is quite willing to help me in whatever way he can, friends who are incredibly supportive and, most importantly, a new computer that actually works without feeling the need to go on an early afternoon go-slow, crash and lose 50 pages of unsaved work!  That was a day and a half, I can tell you...

My latest, sexy, edgy romance. 'See You At The Show'
Anyway, I just thought I'd drop in a little post today explaining why, as somebody who has only been doing this for a couple of months, I suddenly appear to have 3 books to my name.  And if I want a fourth I'd better knuckle down and get writing...

If you'd like to give any of my books a try, check out this blog post Michelle Betham: Author - Buy my eBooks here!
where you'll find all the information you need to know!  Check them out, and see what you think. 

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