Monday, 1 August 2011

Romance in the pages of a book...

I'm a romance writer. I know I write chick-lit too but, for now, let's concentrate on the romance side of things because the first book I ever wrote - 'No Matter What', was a romance novel.

So, like I said, I'm a romance writer.  And I was wondering, over the weekend as I watched the darts,  whether I should, as a romance writer, have a certain kind of image.  I mean, Barbara Cartland had the ultimate romantic image didn't she? All decked out in pink with every photograph of her taken in soft focus. Then there's Jackie Collins, who just oozes glamour and style.  And then there's me.  A 40-something darts-obsessed rock music fan with a tattoo who lives in jeans and t-shirts and whose favourite footwear are her biker boots! Glamourous? Hardly! Romantic? Not particularly. I come from the North East of England and I'm married to a bloke from Sunderland so as far as romance is concerned it's in short supply round here!

Would I like a bit of romance in my life? Oh God, yes! Just because I watch darts, like the odd lager and never wear a dress unless absolutely forced to it doesn't mean to say that I wouldn't love to be swept off my feet in some spontaneous, romantic gesture and made to feel totally special.  And that hasn't happened in a long time, believe me!  Round here the words "shall we get a take-away?" can be considered a romantic gesture!

But I love the idea of romance, and I think secretly, deep down inside, that most women do. So I figured, if I can't get much real-life romance, I might as well make some up! And to be quite honest, despite not experiencing much of it, I find writing about it incredibly easy!  It's lovely to immerse myself completely into a fantasy world with glamourous and beautiful characters and let them experience, well, everything I'd like to I suppose.  Within reason. There's got to be some artistic licence!

'No Matter What' - my first romance novel.
When I write romance I like to go for all-out escapism, a nice big slice of fantasy, something to take the reader out of their everyday world and into a new and exciting place where the people are larger than life and the stories just take you away from it all - and I suppose that's easy to write because that's what I love to read myself, and as a genre I love romance.  Oh, I'm not talking about your bodice-ripping, bosom-heaving romance ala Mills & Boon, I'm talking more your Jackie Collins-inspired sexy, glamourous romance in a world of movie stars and beautiful people, that's the kind of romance I love to read and the kind of romance I love to write.

So, should I have an image? I don't really think I need one, I think I'll let my books do the talking. They give me an opportunity to live that crazy, wild life and mix with characters straight out of a very vivid imagination because creating characters for my romance novels is something I absolutely adore! The genre of romance gives you the chance to make these people so out-of-this-world, real fantasy figures and I love that!  And in a tiny way, writing about these people I've created, and giving them experiences I could only dream of, it's quite theraputic.  Cathartic almost.  I may never have that romantic, swept-off-my-feet moment in real-life, but I can make it happen in the pages of my book.  And that's good enough for me.

So, if you like your romance sexy and scandalous you might want to check out an excerpt from 'No Matter What' HERE, and see just where all that inspiration and imagination has been channelled.  Because, like I said, deep down inside I think all women crave romance in some form or another - some are even lucky enough to experience it for real, but for those of us who aren't, thank God for the fantasy world of the romantic novel...

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  1. Thanks for taking me out of my daily life and transporting me off to a wonderful world of glamourous people Michelle. We all need a little fantasy to brighten up the day and your writing does it so well!