Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.

Dreams - We all have them, but just how much do we read into them?
I once had a dream about Ralph Fiennes, a cucumber and a feather duster (it wasn't half as exciting as it may sound) that, for some reason, has never left me.  I can still remember it as clear as day, and I'm still bitterly disappointed that it concerned housework - I was dusting a large dining table in a very old house that wasn't mine (don't think it was his either but I wouldn't know, I've never been round his house, more's the pity...), and he was chopping cucumber in the kitchen.  So come on all you dream analysts out there, analyse that one!
It was a pleasant dream, but I'd much rather have dreamt about his brother Joseph in a fireman's uniform...and that's a whole other story so we'll leave it there, suffice to say that that last episode of 'FlashForward' is still on the SKy+ box and will remain so until I've finished my "research".  Let's move on.

So, I thought I'd talk about dreams today.  We all have them - some we remember quite vividly, some we hardly remember at all.  Some are quite weird, and if we're lucky they can even be fairly pleasant but one thing I have learned is that even if you go to bed watching a Keanu Reeves film, thinking about Keanu Reeves, almost begging Keanu Reeves to enter your dreams and show you that his acting may be wooden but...well, again, we'll move on, but even if you do this you can still almost be guaranteed to dream about a packing disaster at the scan-your-own section at Sainsburys.

We can't order dreams on tap (unfortunately), because they are, apparently, a result of our subconcious telling us something.  So, was that dream I had about Ralph Fiennes, a feather duster and a cucumber my subconcious's way of telling me I need to do more housework and eat salads?  And what about my mum's frequent dreams about The Bee Gees?  I know she's always had a thing for Barry Gibb but I'm not sure she's ever harboured a real desire to sing 'Guilty' with him on the 307 bus to Newcastle!  See?  I told you some dreams could be weird, although my mother never actually complained about that one...

Where was I?  I've lost me train of thought again.  That's what thinking about Joseph Fiennes in a fireman's uniform does for me, I'm too easily distracted...oh yeah, dreams and their meanings.  There are some very common dreams that a lot of people have such as being chased - which apparently means you're running away from something - or your teeth falling out - which is supposed to signify that you have anxiety issues about your appearence rather than the fact your dental check-up is overdue, but do we really believe these dream interpretations?  Do we really pay any attention to our dreams at all?

I'm asking that because I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I really can't shake, and I've been analysing it over and over in my head for a day or so now, because it  may actually be trying to tell me something, I don't know.  The subject matter concerned has been on my mind for a while now anyway and this dream may just be the culmination of all that over-thinking I've been doing, but in this particular dream we were looking after the most beautiful little boy.  I don't know whose he was, or where he'd come from, all I know is that me and my husband had been entrusted to look after him.  It was the morning when we had to give him back and in this dream I remember running from the room after saying goodbye, crying hysterically, really sobbing hard - and I actually woke up crying too!  It was an incredibly upsetting dream and knocked me sideways for the rest of the day - but what could it's hidden meaning be for me?  Well - and I may be reading too much into this here - I'm now in my early 40's, still child-less, and have never really wanted a baby.  But now I'm at the age that I am, with the menopause looming, that biological clock is ticking very, very loudly and I can't stop thinking about babies!  Are they on my mind so much that I'm starting to dream about them?  Are my subconcious feelings about motherhood now invading my dreams and trying to tell me something?  I don't know.  But I'm actually starting to believe that there may just be a little bit of truth in all of this, somewhere.

But whether we believe in dream analysis or not, we're all going to continue to have these little subconcious adventures, and we can read into them whatever we like, but they'll never go away.  We'll never have total control over them, and we'll never have a choice over what we dream about because if we did, I can guarantee that I'd be having far more interesting dreams than dusting skirting boards while Ralph Fiennes chopped cucumbers...but there may be a book in there somewhere...

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