Friday, 1 July 2011

Keeping it short and sweet today...

Not going to be a long post today.  Promised myself I'd get my head down and finish the final edit of my third (still as yet untitled, still giving me a headache) book, then do some work on a new novel.  Got a few more ideas last night during the viewing of a particularly pleasant film called 'The Dilemma', starring one of my favourites, Vince Vaughn. Bloody tall bloke but he just works so well in romcoms.
The Dilemma - great Thursday night entertainment.

Anyway, the ideas I picked up didn't really have anything to do with the movie as such, they were more from my husband - surprisingly - who has this obsession with trying to guess the endings of films (although he couldn't for the life of him guess the ending of 'The Sixth Sense'), and although he was way off the mark with his theories for how 'The Dilemma' would end, his ideas were quite good so I've nicked them, written them down and may use them at a later date!  So, my other half has proven he's actually got quite a creative mind, now, if he could just channel that creativity into finishing my website I'd be one very happy bunny indeed...

So, no ramblings today.  Suffice to say it's the first day of July (not over happy with the choice of picture on the Take That calender this month though, although, if I'm going to be picky I'll have to wait until November before I actually get a picture I'm happy with), everything is ticking along nicely, and I'm in a fairly good mood, although the latter is subject to change at any time. 

Take That 'Progress Live' 2011 - Good, but not as good as Joe Bonamassa!
So, seeing as it's the first day of a new month let's - before I pop off to begin that editing/planning/writing - sum up what I achieved in June.  I became a self-published author of two eBooks (yes, that only happened a month ago, so you can see how I'm still learning here), survived a rather good Take That concert at Sunderland's Stadium of Light (although the queueing almost finished me off, and they still weren't as good as Joe Bonamassa), started a blog (obviously!), created a Facebook Fan Page!/pages/Michelle-Betham-Author-of-Romantic-Fiction-Chick-Lit/123901564359634, now I just need some more "fans"!  Please click the link and, if you feel like you want to support me then click 'Like'.  The support would be much appreciated in this early stage of my writing career.  Ok, where was I?  Oh yeah, what I've achieved in June...published two eBooks, saw Take That (that's an achievement, believe me.  You ever been to a stadium gig at 42 years old?  I may not have felt me age during the actual gig but come the following day I bloody did!), blogged, tried using Facebook to my advantage and, oh yes, I actually sold a few books.  But I could do with selling a few more.  And that's what my focus will be on next week.  Back to the marketing, with some new ideas and angles I haven't tried before.  It may be early days, but I'm determined to keep at it until I've finally achieved what I set out to do - and that's make the name of Michelle Betham, Author, a name people know.

So, have a good weekend, and see you next week!

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