Friday, 15 July 2011

Darts eye-candy - it does exist. Believe me.

And he's called Paul Nicholson. But I'm really not that shallow as to only watch darts because there now happens to be an attractive player on the circuit.  No, honestly, I'm not.  I'm not saying I'm not shallow at all, I'd have a nose as long as Pinocchio if I started lying like that.  After all, I'm the first person to admit that Keanu Reeves has limited acting talent but, quite honestly, I'd watch him dust skirting boards for an hour and a half just because (I think) he's lovely to look at!  But I do not (and I'm adamant about this) watch darts purely because the sport now has what I would consider to be a good-looking player.  Was Paul Nicholson throwing arrows in the days of Eric Bristow and John Lowe?  No, he wasn't, but I was still watching darts back then so he isn't the sole reason I watch the sport now.  But it's certainly a bonus to have something nice to look at.
Paul Nicholson - Darts eye-candy? You bet your life he is!

So, it's almost time for The World Matchplay to get underway from Blackpool's Winter Gardens and a week of distractions lies ahead for me because, if I don't manage to catch all the action in the evenings on Sky Sports I'll be watching the repeat the next morning, which probably means I'll get bugger all done until the tournament's over.  I'd like to think I've got more discipline than that but I'm not sure I have.  I love a good darts tournament you see, I somehow or other seem to get incredibly involved, although I've promised myself that I will not go off in a stroppy huff if Paul Nicholson gets knocked out early, as he did during The Darts World Championship last December.  He was out in the second round (something I'm sure he loves being reminded of but as he'll probably never read this thing I reckon I'm safe to mention it!) and I can still remember shouting at the TV as he continued to miss doubles then crash out of the tournament altogether, thus leaving me with absolutely no eye-candy for the rest of the competition.  For the first hour after his defeat I considered him to be extremely selfish, leaving me with nothing nice to look at, but after a cup of strong tea and a lie down on the sofa I finally grew up, realised he was probably a lot more upset than I could ever be and got back into the tournament, backing Adrian Lewis to win, which he eventually did!  Although, on the night of that final against Gary Anderson, Archie (our dog) had decided to become very ill after eating a pork chop and started throwing up in the hallway every 10 minutes, causing us to almost miss a cracking  nine dart finish from Lewis. 

Beating Phil Taylor in The 2010 Players Championship Final.
So, when did I first notice the arrival of Paul Nicholson, official darts eye-candy, as I now call him.  Although that name is subject to change should he start to gain weight and fill out his darts shirts.  See?  Shallow, but sometimes there's a need.  What was I talking about anyway?  I appear to have lost me chain of thought.  Oh yeah.  When did I first notice the lovely Mr. Nicholson.  I remember the night well.  It was the night he beat Phil Taylor in The Players Championship Final and it was one of those matches that you just couldn't take your eyes off!  It was incredibly exciting because this player I'd never really seen before (Mr. Nicholson) was in the process of beating the mighty Phil Taylor, but he was also catching my eye because he wasn't bad to look at, something I do take a lot of notice of.  I'm a writer you know, I need to get inspiration from somewhere for my good-looking male characters. (That's such a good excuse, and I use it a lot!)  When he won I think I jumped up off the sofa shouting "yes!", and knew right there and then that darts had just become more interesting.  And, although he plays under the Australian banner (he used to live there) he is actually a Geordie, like me, so another bonus!  A good-looking, Geordie darts player!  Who'd have thought?  Certainly not me.  The words "good-looking" and "darts player" aren't words I would ever have put together anyway to be honest, but stick "Geordie" in there too and I'd probably have laughed!  Until I saw it with my own eyes!  So, he gained a fan in me did Mr. Nicholson, or The Asset, as he likes to be known.  Most darts players have nicknames, take on these personas as they do the now almost expected "walk on" to the oche (the spot infront of the dart board, for the non-darts fans).  Mr. Nicholson tends to wear dark glasses and scowl a lot, which can be incredibly sexy sometimes...but it's an image created for the theatre that can be a darts tournament, and if you want to find out more about how much fun a darts tournament can be, check out my book 'Too Much Trouble in Paradise'.  I'm sure I'll leave details below!  And talking of my book...

I mentioned inspiration before didn't I?  And Mr. Nicholson may well be a pretty face in a world that hasn't always been blessed with the sexy sportsman, but he was also my muse, if you like, for the main male character in my novel 'Too Much Trouble in Paradise'.  I'd wanted that character to be a darts player, but he also needed to be handsome, a great player, and a Geordie.  Can't think who I modelled him on...
Seriously, though, the character of Paul Parker was created because Mr. Nicholson had proved to me that darts eye-candy does exist, that a darts player can be sexy, funny, and a fantastic player (Mr. Nicholson is all of those, by the way, I'd just like to point that out), and he gave me everything I needed to make a fabulous character out of Paul Parker - the Geordie villain of the darts world!  So, I'd like to thank him again for that. 

And, as we hurtle towards the World Matchplay, I'll be getting myself ready for Sunday when Paul Nicholson has his opening match, and I'll be backing him all the way.  Because he's a great player, with a long future ahead in the sport and he's exciting to watch, something very important in darts in my opinion.  A boring match can sometimes make you want to turn over and see if there's anything interesting on BBC Three!

So, if you like darts, and you haven't discovered Paul Nicholson yet, check him out.  You won't be disappointed.  And if you're a female darts fan, well, he's a bonus.  He's darts eye-candy.  And we should never complain about that!

And if you'd like to download a copy of 'Too Much Trouble in Paradise' for yourself, you can find it here on 


  1. Hottest darts Player is Steve Beaton lol, love the guy the housewifes choice, He is gorgeous, check out Joe Cullen he is a fittie, I agree on Nicholson he is hot, Have a thing for James Wade too

  2. This Article is funny, Nicholson is eye candy in darts, I thought Phil The power Taylor was the god of sexy, Good stuff Michelle there are sexier players then Paul though too in my opinion Jelle Klaasen, Colin Osborne, Adrian Gray- do you find Mark Webster sexy?

  3. I'm loving the fact this has got people talking about sexy darts players!! Because they ARE out there. ;) Joe Cullen IS quite nice, I have to agree, and I know a lot of people who really go for James Wade, too. Do I find Mark Webster sexy? A little bit, maybe. But Paul Nicholson is STILL my number one. :)

  4. Saw an article on it and they descrubed Adrian Lewis as a good looking young lad, I think Adrian is such a great player but he is so big, Met the lad he is so good but he must be 20 stone, do you find him hot?

    Who else do you see as eye candy then, I agree I love Paul Nicholson he is hot I wouldn't say number 1, for me Jelle Klaasen also Steve Brown is another clean cut, check out some of the young Lads Chris Aubrey, Adam Hunt I want to see some of these on Tv lol

  5. I like Adrian Lewis as a player - he's one of my favourites - but I can't say I find him sexy. Must check out some of the names you've given me, though, after all, if I ever decide to write another darts-related romance novel I might need the research!! ;)

  6. I love Paul Nicholson, I record all darts games on discs I love it all, always have, Nicholson have his games vs Taylor not the 1st one when he won too both great games, got uk open one 2011 and he will be in premier League next yr, Pretty much guaranteed so see him even more, He is great in big games and under pressure and I agree with you Michelle he is good looking one of the hottest darts players i think, I agree too Jelle Klaasen is well hot too.

  7. Typed him in Google originally there's one they says - Paul Nicholson fm forums- someone asked them to put pics of him on there, It a website not sure how you can ask them to add some Nicholson pics though if you really Like him as a fan, He has a website too, Good pics on there.

  8. Few Fit Darts Players

    Paul Nicholson
    James Wade
    Jelle Klaasen
    Colin Osborne
    Arron monk
    Dave Chisnall

  9. Michelle, This is a great article about sexy darts players, I agree there are some good looking guys in darts, I think Nicholson is nice and Jelle Klaasen who is my number one.

    But Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say.

  10. Do You Think James Wade is sexy, who do you think is better looking Wade or Lewis, bnoth amazing players, My Favorite player is Anderson

  11. Antonio Alcinas is better, Gorgeous

  12. Michelle are you watching the world championships at current after last night Steve Brown and Devon Petersen need to have an article, sexy

  13. AnonymousMay 03, 2012

    Paul Nicholson is quite good Looking