Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The colour pink, closet rock chicks and a nice cold pint!

I'm a bit of a contradiction. I realised this long ago but became more aware of it when I once mentioned to a friend how much I love the colour pink.  Nothing wrong in that you might think, but I'm just not your typical girly-girl you see.  Never have been, and seeing as I'm hurtling towards middle-age (although I refuse to acknowledge that) at a rate of knots I doubt anything is going to change any time soon.  But I just love the colour pink.  And when I mentioned this to my friend she said "really?", as though I'd just expressed an interest in quantum physics or something.  But to look at me, to know my tastes in music, the fact I have a tattoo (of which I'm very proud, I love that tattoo!) and would quite happily ride off into the sunset with Dave Grohl on the back of a Harley (in my dreams, ofcourse!) well, you just wouldn't think that pink was a colour I'd go for.  But I would.  If I lived alone, with no men to consider, I'd probably have pink walls in my bedroom, pink appliances in the kitchen, and I'd definitely have a pink laptop!  I'm even jealous of Tanya's pink front door in 'Eastenders'!
I want one of these!
So there you have it.  I'm a closet rock chick who loves the colour pink!  A contradiction in terms, or just someone who doesn't really want to conform anymore?  Well, if you read one of my posts from last week you'd know that after a lifetime of conforming I'm finally starting to break free from all of that and become my own person (finally!) so if I want to listen to Nickelback while wearing pink slippers (which I do own, I'm wearing them now!) then I'll bloody well do it!

When I was little I had all the typical 'girly' toys - the dolls, the pushchairs, the Girls' World - and both my sister and I loved playing with those toys, loved doing the things little girls are, I suppose, expected to do.  But whilst my sister grew up to become very much the girly-girl, with the false nails and the fake tan and the desperate need to follow fashion, I veered off left-field and became completely the opposite of my sister, something which I'm sure my mother still despairs of to this day!  I could never be bothered with keeping up with fashion once the 80's was over - infact, I wholeheartedly embraced grunge during the early 90's - I've never been fussed about false nails, hair extensions or fake tan because I'm quite happy in my jeans, t-shirts and biker boots, even now, at almost 43.  I couldn't care less if I haven't got the latest maxi dress or gladiator sandals because the item of clothing I really want is an AC/DC t-shirt!  I'm easily pleased.  But I'm still a contradiction.  Because I say I'm not 'girly' but, as well as loving the colour pink, I also like to watch shows such as 'America's Next Top Model', and I love reading and writing about glamourous people and beautiful women who are absolutely nothing like me, but maybe that's just something to do with me being a writer.  I don't know.  And if we sit here long enough and start to analyse everything we'll probably come up with some deep and hidden meaning behind my contradictory personality but I'd rather not start down that path.  I'm quite happy being this strange mix of likes and dislikes.  I'm going to call it quirky!  What is so wrong about a woman having a nice cold pint of beer when on holiday (when it's only a euro, absolutely nothing!) or desperately wanting another tattoo (because I do, I really do) despite the fact she may also express an opinion on how much Cheryl Cole suits that new hairdo and fawn over a pink sofa.

I may not own more than a couple of dresses (worn only when I visit Tenerife) or be able to walk in heels (remember Randy Mandy? That Dick Emery character from the 70's?  That's who my husband says I remind him of when I walk in heels) but I'm past the age of caring what's in and out of fashion.  Couldn't afford to keep up with it anyway, even if I did!  And I know my husband sometimes looks at other women in their floaty dresses and sandals and probably wishes his wife was like that but tough.  She's not.  I've also seen him looking at Liz McDonald in 'Coronation Street' and thinking the same thing but he can definitely forget that one!  The word "mutton" springs to mind and that's not a good look on anyone.  Anyway, he knew what he was getting into when he met me back in college.  I turned up there wearing torn jeans (it was the mid-90's and I was still clinging onto my grunge look!) big heavy boots and a Take That t-shirt, (you see? Contradictory), and my hair in a very-much unbrushed and un-kempt style and it didn't stop him from fancying me back then!  I do take more care of the hair now though, I have to admit.  Well, hubby does it for me now actually so at least he has control over some element of how I look!

But I'm happy being the kind of person I am - the kind of person who loves The Foo Fighters but is also quite happy to listen to a bit of George Benson or Luther Vandross; the kind of person who desperately wants that other tattoo but also likes to make sure I moisturise after every bath or shower; the kind of rock music-loving, darts adoring woman who never leaves the house without mascara and loves to drink sparkling wine.  Because I'm finally beginning to know who I am, after all these years of wondering - I'm just a woman who wants a pink front door!

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  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2011

    You sound like a whole heap of fun, quirky, strong, individual, how fab is that?!! Go for it girl and smother yourself in as much pink as you dare?!! But PLEASE let us see some pics first!!!! x