Monday, 27 June 2011

Welcome to another week! Musical musings and a little bit more.

Had a lovely weekend.  Didn't do anything earth shattering, just the usual stuff - food shopping, gardening, ironing.  Not that interesting at all.  But this weekend was Glastonbury weekend, and whilst you would never get me anywhere near a tent, (although I do wear wellies when the situation calls for it, which can be frequently up here in the North East of England between the months of November and March!), I am quite happy to chill ouit on my sofa at home and watch the goings on from there.  I've been doing it for years now, and even though I'm not at the actual festival, I can still feel the atmosphere and I love it.  Even better now I've got an HD telly.
Can't say I liked every band/artist I saw (Plan B is well over-rated in my opinion, as are U2) but I certainly had my eyes opened to a few I am now looking up and downloading onto my iPod.  Laura Marling is one - an extremely talented young singer/songwriter.
Hurts - a band to watch in my opinion.
A band called Hurts is another - and these have to be good because both me and my husband liked their music and it's very rare that our musical tastes are ever in sync!  Although we both love The Killers, but up until now they've been the only band we can agree on.
And one last band that I absolutely loved at Glastonbury was Pendulum, and how this lot have passed me by I don't know because they are just the kind of thing I love.  Beyonce was also great, although I only saw half her set due to getting engrossed in 'Bride Wars' which was on TV last night, but from what I saw she pulled it off in style!  And I loved her sparkly ankle boots...but I've already got her on my iPod, so discovering some new music and new artists (new to me, anyway) has been good, because music is very important to me.  I use it to relax to, I use it to lighten my mood if I'm feeling down and, most importantly, I use it as imspiration for my writing.
Every book I've written so far has a kind of 'soundtrack' to it, a collection of songs that helped inspire me, that helped me shape both characters and storylines and if I didn't have that music to look to I'd probably have found it a lot harder.  But that's just the way that I, personally, work.
Pendulum - new iPod material for me!
At the minute, for instance, I'm listening to a lot of rock music (mainly Foo Fighters and Nickleback) because the book I'm currently editing ready for publication is the story of a female rock band roadie therefore that kind of background music is essential in my eyes.  Not that you could ever call rock 'background' music, but you know what I mean.
Anyway, enough of my musical ramblings.  I could go on forever about music and influences and how one particular Nickleback song practically gave the idea for a whole section of 'No Matter What' but I'd be here all day and I don't want to bore anyone too much. Suffice to say that if I ever lost my iPod or my iTunes music library I wouldn't be a very nice person to live with.
So, it's Monday again, and after a week of not really knowing what I was doing last week, I'm ready to kick off this week much more focused and with amuch clearer idea of where I'm going.  I've even made a list of ideas and possible strategies to try but, unlike last week when I felt as though I was flailing about with no direction, I'm calmer now with a whole new attitude to everything.  Logging on this morning to find out that I've sold a few more books over the weekend (both 'No Matter What' and 'Too Much trouble in Paradise' have sold over the past few days) has helped my mood, ofcourse, but it's still only Monday so there's still time for another midweek meltdown!!  But I'm not planning on it this week.  I have it all in hand now.  My husband said to me in the car on the way to Tesco on Saturday that there was a difference between 'aggressive' marketing and desperation and that kind of hit home with me.  Maybe I have been coming across as slightly desperate in some of my attempts at marketing, but I am still learning.  And grateful for every piece of information I'm taking in.
So, I decided to have a whole weekend without even looking at the laptop and it's worked.  I managed to chill out, (thankyou Glastonbury TV coverage!), re-group and get my head together.  I also managed to get the lawn mowed, wash the car and catch up with the ironing because I can't chill out 24/7, it just isn't me!  Mind you, after a hectic morning yesterday I was to be later found lying on the sofa with the dog and a packet of peanut M&M's watching 'Wedding Crashers' thinking how much better Bradley Cooper looked in 'The Hangover' and doesn't Owen Wilson have lovely eyes?  My thoughts on Vince Vaughan need no mentioning - he's one of my favourites, that's all that needs to be said.
So, a rest away from the writing/marketing/blogging did me the world of good because I'm back fresher, calmer and more focused, ready to take on everything I need to - and ready to start writing again.  That's the important bit.  And although I may not have physically done anything regarding my writing over the weekend, I can't switch the old brain off, so I've got stuff up there in "storage" just ready to be used this week.  Good ideas come from everywhere for me, and I can pick up inspiration from anything so don't think I've been completely idle! 
Right, I'm going now.  It's so hot here in the North East today (unusually so!) that I've got every window in the house open but that in turn means the dog can hear every little sound that's happening outside and he's now clocked a bloke on the field out the back playing with his own (much quieter) dog and decided to voice his opinion on the matter drowning out Fleetwood Mac in the process!  How I concentrate at all sometimes is a mystery...
Oh, before I go though, I just want to mention this site:-
A great site, not only for authors, especially eBook authors, to submit their book details and have them listed (I have 'No Matter What' listed here) but, if you're a Kindle or a Nook reader and you're looking for something to buy, then there are hundreds of books from lots of different genres listed here.  It's been set up by an author called Marti Talbott, so if you're looking for a new eBook give this site a go.
Ok, I'm definitely going.  The dog's now not speaking to me because I've asserted my authority over him, although he's not having a problem shouting at the gas men out the front who are digging up our street as we speak!  Oh well, reality bites as they say.  And I've got washing to hang out...

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