Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday musings and introductions...

So, here we are again.  Another Monday morning and I'm back at the desk in the back bedroom I'm now calling my office, although for it to be considered anything close to the kind of office I'd like to spend my days in it needs at least three walls painting and a life-size picture of Keanu Reeves somewhere in my eye-line. 
Preferably when he was in 'Point Break', and I know that was almost twenty years ago but that movie brings back so many happy memories...anyway, before I get carried away on a wave of early 90's movie nostalgia (when I could still afford to go to the cinema - before you needed a second mortgage and a bank loan just to get popcorn!) I'll get back to the subject in hand.  Monday mornings.  Not good.  Not this one anyway.  Spent last night on the sofa with a dog who kept being sick (my fault. Fed him too much roast beef for dinner!) watching repeats of Bullseye on satellite TV (and that was never the same without Jim Bowen) and resisting the urge to make toast at 2.30 in the morning.  So I'm a bit on the tired side today, which probably means I'll be grouchy as hell by Coronation Street, but staying up until the early hours watching people throw darts to win a Hostess Trolley gave me time to think.  And I realised that I may have started this blog by shamelessly self-promoting my first self-published eBook,  'No Matter What',  available to download now and only £2.29, but does anybody really know who I am?  I mean, I'm not the most earth-shatteringly interesting person or anything, and as far as my writing goes I'm hardly Jackie Collins.  But I love to write, I love to create stories and characters and make them into books that people will want to read.  And hopefully enjoy.  It's what I do, and it's what I love doing.  So, who am I?  Well, in a nutshell, I'm a 42 year old woman with a terrible Take That habit (and slightly two-faced in that respect too because I swore blind that I would not give Robbie Williams the time of day when he rejoined my boys yet he'd been on stage less than three seconds in Sunderland and I was declaring undying love for the man! I think I got slightly carried away by the hysteria of the day, and I had been in a queue for the best part of 5 hours! - I'm better now!!), I love watching shows like 'The Apprentice' (how lovely is Tom? I so want Tom to win!) and 'Come Dine With Me' (although no-one will ever get the chance to.  Cook on telly?  You have to be kidding!  I can barely manage a boiled egg without carnage ensuing.  And you'd never get me, a cameraman and a sound engineer in my kitchen anyway, not without Health & Safety having a word first!), rock music is my music of choice (especially if Dave Grohl is involved) and I have a very keen interest in darts.  How keen can sometimes depend on who's playing and what mood I'm in but my biggest achievement concerning a sport I've loved for decades, as far as I'm concerned, has been to find a darts player who's easy on the eye! I'm not giving out names here but you'd know him if you saw him, that's all I'm saying.  I'm a Geordie (as is my darts eye-candy!  How coincidental is that?!), laugh just looking at Peter Kay, I adore Alan Carr and I have sometimes been accused of being very shallow when talking about men - usually Keanu Reeves or George Clooney but give me a break!  A girl's got to get her fun somewhere!!  Anyway, that's practically me in a nutshell - just an ordinary woman with an extraordinary need to write.  And to be able to do it every day is a privelege.

So, even though it's Monday and my lack of sleep last night is making me slightly more lethargic than I would usually be (still managed 200 sit-ups this morning though.  Dedication or what?!)  I am still going to post this then get back to doing what I love to do - write and create.  Different worlds, new people to become involved with and old ones to be reaquainted with - it's what I do.  I write.  End of story.  Or, is it just the beginning...

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  1. 200 sit ups? I bow down to you lady!