Wednesday, 26 August 2015

COVER REVEAL! 'Shirley Valentine Goes to Vegas'...

Here it is! The stunning cover for my next book to be released through Harper Impulse - Shirley Valentine Goes to Vegas.

What do you think? I absolutely LOVE it!

Lana Saunders is on a mission to find the ‘new Lana’, the real Lana. After twenty years spent as a prim and proper businessman’s wife, she’s finally swapped beige cotton for black leather, and cardigans for tattoo sleeves! With the ink only just dry on her divorce papers, she’s ready to live it up in Vegas.

What she doesn’t expect is to meet wickedly sexy biker, Eddie, and is shocked when he asks her out. Not only does he send her sex-starved libido into overdrive, but the connection between them is unlike anything she’s ever experienced. So when Eddie asks her to stay with him in Vegas, the desire to fall into this gorgeous man’s bed and stay there forever is too tempting to ignore!

Living with Eddie in Las Vegas is the most fun Lana’s had in years—especially when he shows her there’s more than one way to ride a Harley!—but soon she realises she can’t ignore her old life forever, particularly when her ex, Adam shows up determined to win her back!

SHIRLEY VALENTINE GOES TO VEGAS, a story about what happens when you realise life isn’t what you thought it would be…

Shirley Valentine meets Sons of Anarchy in this raunchy, red-hot read!

It's out September 10th, (paperback November 19th), but you can pre-order it HERE now!

Get ready for a different kind of ride...

Thursday, 13 August 2015

NEW RELEASE! 'Picnics in Hyde Park' by NIkki Moore

Picnics in Hyde Park
Released 13th August 2015
#LoveLondon Series; eBook 6 (novel)
by Nikki Moore
Read this exciting romance series set in London, which has attracted four and five star reviews and been in the Top 100 Short Story chart on Kobo and Top 20 Holiday charts on Amazon UK.

The last story in the fun & flirty #LoveLondon series from exciting new chick lit author Nikki Moore! The perfect novel for reading in the sunshine... and falling in love with London.

‘Whoever said romance was dead has clearly never read a Nikki Moore book’ – Rachel’s Random Reads

Hot summer romance…or cold revenge?

Super nanny, Zoe Harper is mad! It was bad enough discovering her ex-fiancĂ© Greg cheating on her just weeks before their wedding. But now she’s returned home to London to find her younger sister Melody has been left jobless, homeless, broke and dumped.

Zoe is determined to get revenge on the infamous Reilly brothers for her sister’s heartbreak. So when an unexpected opportunity gives Zoe a way in to uncaring—and dizzyingly gorgeous!—successful music producer Matt Reilly’s world, she jumps at the chance to make him pay.

But living with Matt as nanny to his two adorable, but complicated children, Zoe soon begins to suspect that not everything is as it seems… Matt insists on pushing everyone away including his children, but why? And if his delicious summer kisses are anything to go by, he can’t be that bad surely?

Can Zoe convince Matt to open up a little and help fix this family before she leaves…or worse, before Matt learns who she really is?

Out on 13th August as an ebook, paperback to follow. Get it from only £2.99!

Praise for the #LoveLondon series...

‘The writing style is impeccable. How I'll fill the void left by this series is something I've not yet figured out an answer to.’ K.L Beeden, Books with Bunny.

Strawberries at Wimbledon
‘I eagerly read and absorbed every page. Such a good feel read earns an easy 5 stars from me.’ Sheerie Franks, Amazon UK.

Cocktails in Chelsea
‘I loved every single minute of this fun, flirty romance… the perfect read for your boring commute to work.’ Holly, Bookaholic Confessions 

Valentine’s on Primrose Hill
Uplifting and at the same time thought provoking too. I guarantee you'll be hitting that button on Amazon to order the fourth book in the #LoveLondon series as soon as you've finished this one.’ Dawn, Crooks on Books

New Year at The Ritz
 ‘A sweet and flirty short story, I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to see what Nikki comes up with for the next book in the series.’ Simona Elena, Sky’s Book Corner.

Skating at Somerset House

‘Sexy, fun and everything you need in one neat, gorgeous package. This is a winner for me.’ Chicks That Read.


You can find out more about Nikki on Twitter @NikkiMoore_Auth 

And you can also find her on Facebook at 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Inspiration behind Nikki Moore's #LoveLondon Series...

Tomorrow sees the release of 'Picnics in Hyde Park', the final book in Nikki Moore's #LoveLondon Series. And today I'm really pleased to have Nikki here on my blog to give us a little bit of an insight into the inspiration behind her hugely successful series.

Here's Nikki herself to tell us more...

#LoveLondon Series – The Inspiration

The #LoveLondon series was born out of me pitching my second full length novel Picnics in Hyde Park (a romance wholly set in London)  to my lovely editor Charlotte, and her brilliant idea to write a number of London based short romances leading up to the novel. The idea has evolved a number of times, but we eventually settled on a linked series that would start at Christmas - Skating at Somerset House - with a story to follow roughly once a month to capture key dates or events, with one character in each short related to / friends with one of the main characters, Matt or Zoe, from Picnics. And so New Year at The Ritz, Valentine’s on Primrose Hill, Cocktails in Chelsea and Strawberries at Wimbledon were created to follow on from Skating.

I’ve been more than honest on blogs and in interviews about how much work this series has been... a real labour of love. I call it this because although the challenge of ensuring continuity, timeline accuracy and clear characterisation has at times made me want to sit rocking quietly in a corner somewhere, it has also been the most exciting, fun and satisfying writing project I have ever worked on. I’ve also been amazingly lucky with the overwhelmingly positive response readers and bloggers have had to the series. So, I’m definitely not complaining.

While I’m sad the release of Picnics in Hyde Park means the series is almost over, I’m equally happy that I’ve had a chance to tell these stories. I quite regularly admit that all my characters are just friends who live in my head J and I think that’s part of why I’ve had such a blast.

Author Bio

A Dorset girl and social media addict, Nikki Moore has a HR day job, two kids and a lovely boyfriend to keep her busy alongside the writing. She was in the Romantic Novelists Association New Writers Scheme for four years and is now a full RNA member. Nikki was a finalist in several writing competitions from 2010 including the Elizabeth Goudge trophy and Novelicious Undiscovered, before being offered a publishing contract.

Published mainly by HarperImpulse, she’s the author of the #LoveLondon series, which has attracted four and five star reviews on Amazon, with some of the novellas featuring in the Top 100 short story charts on Kobo and the Top 20 in the Amazon UK bestsellers Holiday chart. The last in the series, Picnics in Hyde Park is due out in August. She has a short story in the bestselling RNA/Mills & Boon anthology Truly, Madly, Deeply. Her debut novel Crazy, Undercover, Love was shortlisted for the RNA Joan Hessayon Award 2015 (for new writing) and she is a strong supporter of aspiring authors.

Please pop over for a chat on Twitter @NikkiMoore_Auth 

You can also find her on Facebook at 

She would love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, Nikki! And good luck with the launch of 'Picnics in Hyde Park' tomorrow. Wishing you loads of success with this final book in the #LoveLondon Series! 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Work on my new tattoo has begun!

Yesterday saw not only the release of Resurrection, book #3 in The Lone Riders MC Series, but it was also the day when something I have wanted for a long time began to take shape - a brand new tattoo! I adore the things. I've always had a fascination with body art, always wanted to get some of my own but it wasn't until I hit my late 30s that I took the plunge and got one on my upper right arm. But I was never going to be satisfied with just one. Oh no. I wanted another one. A bigger one. And although my ultimate dream is a sleeve tattoo, I haven't gone quite that far. But, my new tattoo will be spread over the entire length of my left arm. 

So, in the midst of Resurrection's release day yesterday, I took off a few miles up the road to Indigo Rose, a tattoo studio in Langley Moor, Co. Durham, where the totally fabulous Helen began work on my new body art. In this first two-hour session she managed to finish the outlines of the three roses, which you can see in the picture below, and in a week and a half I go back for another two-hour session to get those roses filled in with black ink. 

And once that's done Helen will freehand a vine that will link all the roses together from my wrist to my shoulder. I think it's going to look amazing when it's finished, and I can't wait to see the end result! 

Did it hurt? I'm not going to say I didn't feel a thing, but it wasn't anywhere close to what I'd call painful. I didn't flinch a bit during those two hours, in fact, I actually found it quite relaxing!! But I'm probably just a bit weird... 

Anyway, that's how I celebrated Resurrection's release day. And now the ladies of The Lone Riders aren't the only ones who are inked... 

Watch this space as my tattoo journey continues...

And don't forget, Resurrection is now live and available to download from Amazon! You can also read it for FREE if you've got Kindle Unlimited...

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

'Resurrection' release day is here!

It's out today - Resurrection, book 3 in The Lone Riders MC Series... and the ride's about to get darker...

Forgetting the past can be dangerous. Re-living it can be deadly…

Someone in the shadows wants Coby Walker dead.
He’s not the only one.
Someone wants to bring The Lone Riders down.
He isn’t alone.
The club is in danger, but even Coby isn’t aware how deep that danger runs. How personal it’s all become. How many lives are at risk because he got distracted…

Ben Salter didn’t want to return to a life he’d left behind. He was happy. He was in love. He was moving on. But all of a sudden he finds himself thrust back into that world he'd never intended to return to, as the person he’d swore he’d never be again.

He thought he could handle it.

He thought pushing her away would be easy.

He was wrong.

Lines become blurred and loyalties confused as Ben’s need to avenge a past he couldn’t forget intensifies. And as his world quickly spirals out of control, that past starts to threaten his future; truths are revealed that change everything, and a secret is exposed that threatens to destroy the one thing that can keep him from falling apart – the one person who can save him; a secret that leads to a bitter betrayal that becomes a catalyst for an endgame he’d never wanted to play out…

Messed-up loyalties and a dangerous loss of focus puts The Lone Riders at risk; puts their resurrection in jeopardy. And they should have seen it coming… 

Resurrection is out now and available to download from Amazon. It's also FREE to read with KindleUnlimited.

Friday, 24 July 2015

'Resurrection' release countdown - another tiny teaser...

With just a few days to go now until the release of Resurrection, book #3 in The Lone Riders MC Series, it's time for another tiny teaser... and remember, this book's a HOT one! 

Resurrection is released on July 28th, and is available to pre-order now!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Changes, updates, brand new projects, and another 'Resurrection' teaser!

Today I completed those all-important finishing touches to Resurrection, book #3 in The Lone Riders MC Series. It's been edited, polished, and read through more times than I care to remember, and all that remains now is to upload this final, finished version to Amazon and then sit back and wait until the official release date of July 28th. 

Want another teaser from the book? Here you go...

Now, I think I may have mentioned once or twice that there are more books planned in this series. I'd even hoped to get book #4 out before the end of the year, but this is where things have changed slightly. I did a lot of thinking as I wrote Resurrection, and as the story progressed, and things in my own personal writing life seemed to change, I came to a decision. For now, the Lone Riders are taking a rest. There are no loose ends in Resurrection. No cliff-hangers. There are threads and characters in there that I can take and build future stories around, and that might happen. At some point. I did have storylines and plots already planned out for at least another two books, but for now, Resurrection will be the last adventure I'll be taking those biker boys on, for a little while, anyway. Because I'm beginning something else. Something new. Another MC Romance? Yes. But this one is going to be VERY different to the Lone Riders books. I'm taking some risks, trying something new, and seeing what happens. I just know that I'm excited to get going on this new project. And I'm excited for the release of Resurrection, because I LOVED writing those books. They kicked off my passion for MC books, for the escape and excitement writing (and reading!) these kind of stories can provide. So, yeah, I'm really excited to see what people think of Resurrection

Anyway, for now I'm currently in the process of naming a brand new fictional MC for this next set of books, and getting to know some brand new characters. Another ride is about to begin...

And don't forget, Resurrection is available to download right now over on Amazon! / /

And if you want to check out the first chapter, you can do so right HERE!