Friday, 10 April 2015

Nic Tatano talks story bundles, and the World's Coolest Shopping Cart...

I'm really pleased to have the lovely Nic Tatano on my blog today, and he's here to talk about story bundles, and what could quite possibly be the world's coolest shopping cart! If you're a book lover, you might want to read on... I'll let Nic himself explain...

Imagine you're in a bookstore and I walk up to you with a shopping cart filled with ten books in a genre you really like. You look at the covers and blurbs and find them interesting. They're the kind of books you'd buy. Then I tell you that you can pay whatever you think they're worthand, oh, by the way, you can register to win a Kindle or a $100 gift card. You'd probably ask, "What's the catch?"

There isn't one. Welcome to Story Bundle.

This is a company that creates bundles of books with similar themes and offers them at a price you determine. And right now, one of my books is in that shopping cart.

The young adult bundle is called "Crossing Worlds" and every book features a young protagonist dealing with amazing challenges in magical worlds. In my case, "Destiny's Hourglass" is the story of a teenage boy who can change the future with his mind. Yeah, I know the current trend is to write kick-ass girls, but I thought the guys deserved equal time. And, ya know, that Harry Potter kid seemed to develop a decent following.

How did I arrive in said shopping cart? Well, a few years ago some author friends told me about Story Bundle, so I sent them a bunch of books of different genres to check out. A few weeks ago they contacted me about joining a very talented group in an upcoming bundle. So here I am.

The bundle is available for a little more than three weeks and the timing is perfect, since the last day (April 16th) coincides with the release of the second book in my Jillian Spectre series. (See aforementioned kick-ass girls.)

Anyway, hope you'll check out They always have multiple bundles for sale of different genres. As for that pricing thing, you can pay a little and get five books or pay a bit more and get five bonus books.

But wait, there's more! Remember, I mentioned a prize, so don't forget to register for your choice of a $100 gift card or a Kindle.

So, is this the coolest shopping cart, or what? 

The second book in Nic's Jillian Spectre series - Jillian Spectre & The Dream Weaver - is released on April 16th, and is available to pre-order right HERE

The first book in the series - The Adventures of Jillian Spectre - is available now. 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

I've now got a website!

After wondering whether I'd be able to do it or not, I bit the bullet and decided to have a go at creating my own author website - and I've done it! I mean, it's nothing earth shattering, but it's all my own work, and it's not half bad, even if I do say so myself. 

It'll go and-in-hand with my blog here to keep you up-to-date with everything that's going on in my writing world - you'll be able to link straight to this blog via the website - and it might even be the place to go for the odd exclusive, too... There's already something up in the News section that some of you might be interested in...

Anyway, if you want to check out my brand new website, just click HERE, or click in the box on the top of the left hand column, and take a little look around...

NEW RELEASE! 'Rank' by D.R. Graham

The best of the bucking bulls are rank, and so are the cowboys who ride them...

I exhaled and slid Shae-Lynn's pink armband over my forearm. I kissed it, then did a prayer before climbing into the chute. This isn't about you anymore. I got something to prove.

Rodeo is all Billy Ryan and his brother Cole have ever known, until one deadly wreck changes everything. With their mom requiring full-time care and Cole dealing with his own demons, Billy needs to step up to take care of his family. So he walks away from his future as a champion bull rider. Convincing himself he didn't quit because he lost his nerve.

Barrel racer Shae-Lynn, the sweet good-girl-next-door, grew up with the boys on the rodeo circuit. Shae's the only person who knows Billy better than he knows himself. She could help him get back in the ring, but there's a limit to how many times she'll watch him make the same mistakes. Especially when it comes to her heart.

When Cole's gambling debts get out of control and the bills at home pile up, Billy has no choice but to enter a winner takes all bull riding event. He needs Shae-Lynn by his side, but that isn't going to happen unless he figures out a way to cowboy up and prove he's good enough for a woman like her.

See more at:

Author Bio:

D.R. Graham is the author of RANK & the BRAMPTON BEACH series (Summer 2015) for HarperCollins, and the NOIR ET BLEU MOTORCYCLE SERIES for Entangled Publishing. She worked as a social worker with at-risk youth for seven years before becoming a therapist in private practice. The clients she works with are children and teenagers and her novels deal with issues relevant to young and new adults in love, transition, or crisis. She is also an award winning columnist for the Richmond News. She currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband.


RANK Buy Links:


Also by D.R. Graham


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Lone Riders are back! Book #2 is released!

Book #2 in The Lone Riders MC Series is out there now. Retribution has been released, and my fictional biker boys are back for another adventure, with the story of club lawyer Ben Salter - a man with a dark past - and the beautiful but damaged Mia Rose taking centre stage this time around...

New life, new love... new danger...

Retribution is available to download now from Amazon, and you can read it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

NEW RELEASE! Book 2 in The Lone Riders MC Series has arrived! It's launch day for 'Retribution'!

It's finally time to pull on those leathers and straddle that Harley because today is publication day for Retribution, book #2 in The Lone Riders MC Series! If you'd pre-ordered a copy of the book (and quite a few of you did, so thank you for that) then you may have already started the ride, but if not, just pop on over to Amazon (the links are below) to download this next instalment in the lives of the Lone Riders, and start another journey with my fictional biker boys - and girls...

Mia Rose has been sent to Paradise for her own safety; to escape a violent marriage, and a man who will stop at nothing to make sure she never leaves his side. Having lived her life within the confines of The Lone Riders Newcastle chapter in north-east England, the move to California is a new beginning for Mia - it has to be, whether she wants it or not. Because she really doesn't have much choice. But for Charlie Hart – President of the Newcastle chapter, and one of the founding members of The Lone Riders MC – it’s a bittersweet act, exiling Mia to another country. And is sending her there, to Paradise, something he should have thought harder about? Given the secret he’s harboured for almost thirty years…

Ben Salter is the Lone Riders’ lawyer – a man who’s looked after the Paradise chapter’s legal affairs for over five years. But he’s also a man with a past he’s worked hard to put behind him, a past few know the full extent of; a world he knows he should never go back to. But when he’s given the task of helping the club rid Mia of her violent husband, he finds himself being pulled further back towards that world. And closer to the woman he’s supposed to be helping…

Things have settled down for The Lone Riders since Coby Walker took over as President. All is well within a club that’s seen its share of recent troubles, and an air of calm and peace reign over the Paradise compound. But Mia’s arrival kick-starts a chain of events that threaten to unravel that peace. And as Ben’s world slowly starts to change, and Mia’s past catches up with her in the most dangerous way possible, behind the scenes another sinister act is being carefully planned that could rock the Lone Riders all over again as more shocking secrets are revealed, and a terrifying act of retribution sees lives being changed forever… 

And if you want to join in the release day celebrations, there's an online launch party going on right HERE over on Facebook - and everyone's welcome! There's lots of music, no amount of mayhem, and there are also going to be a few book giveaways going on from myself, and from the fabulous D.R. Graham, who'll be giving away a copy of her own recently released MC Romance 'One Percenter'

So, if you want to be in with a chance of winning a copy of this, and a couple of my books, too, just click HERE to join the party! 

Retribution... the ride continues...

Revolution, book #1 in The Lone Riders MC Series, is also available to download from Amazon.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Almost time for the ride to continue...

There are just 4 days to go now until Retribution, book #2 in The Lone Riders MC Series is released. So pull on those leathers, straddle that Harley, and get ready for the ride! Happening March 31st...

Retribution is available to pre-order right now over on Amazon.

And to celebrate the upcoming release of Retribution, book #1 in the series, Revolution, is on SALE until Monday 30th March for just 99p/$0.99/Euros 0,99! So if you haven't yet met The Lone Riders, and you fancy trying an MC Romance that's a little bit different, you can begin the ride for a bargain price! 

Download your copy of Revolution here...

Thursday, 26 March 2015

NEW RELEASE! 'Rebellion of a Chalet Girl' by Lorraine Wilson

I'm really pleased to welcome the lovely Lorraine Wilson to my 

blog today as we celebrate the release of the latest in her fabulous 

Chalet Girl Series of books - 'Rebellion of a Chalet Girl'. I'll let 

Lorraine herself tell you more... 


You know how it is, you wait ages for a new Chalet Girl release and then two come along at once...

I wrote ‘Chalet Girl Plays Cupid’ specifically as a freebie giveaway. I wanted something fun to give to my readers as a thank you for all their support. The dedication reads
''For my lovely readers - thank you so much for your support, your friendship...oh, and for buying my books! Without you I'd be nothing x.’
The one part of being published that took me by surprise was how rewarding it would be to connect with readers - online via Facebook and Twitter and by email. When you’re having a bad day a reader telling you how much they’re looking forward to reading your next book can be just the spur you need to keep you writing. There is nothing more satisfying than someone enjoying a story I’ve created.
Hope you enjoy the freebie. 
'Chalet Girl Plays Cupid' is FREE everywhere. Publication date is 5th March 2015. Get your copy here-
If that wets your appetite there is another Chalet Girl release this month - 'Rebellion of   Chalet Girl’, publication date 26th March 2015, get your copy here -
To celebrate having two releases this month I’m running a special competition. Enter for a chance to win a Lorraine Wilson Design Shoulder Bag made with novelty magazine cover fabric, a Chalet Girl book bag complete with signed copies of all 4 Chalet Girl Paperbacks!

'Chalet Girl Plays Cupid'
A match made on the slopes…
After a messy break up that’s left her homeless, jobless and single, temporary chalet girl Emily needs a fresh start! So when best friend Holly asks her to help out before the start of the winter season at the exclusive Chalet Repos in Verbier, Emily jumps at the chance. What broken heart can’t be fixed by apr├Ęs ski cocktails?
Verbier seems like the perfect escape, until Emily meets super-sexy and darkly brooding winter athlete Jake. She’s meant to be avoiding men at all costs, but the spark between her and Jake is sizzling! As she finds herself increasingly left alone with Jake, Emily begins to wonder if Cupid has paid a visit to Chalet Repos…!

'Rebellion of a Chalet Girl'
Always the Chalet Girl…
Year round chalet girl Tash doesn’t do attachments—she’s learned the hard way that relationships of any kind never last. But when self-made millionaire and hit TV star Nathaniel Campbell arrives to spend a month at Chalet Repos, she’s tempted to reconsider her no-strings rule…
Tash and Nate may be from different sides of the tracks, but the connection between them is undeniable! And Tash soon realises that one hot night with Nate will never be enough. But can Nate ever think of Tash as more than a fling, especially once the truth about her past comes out?

The Chalet Girls are back! Set in the exclusive Swiss ski resort of Verbier, winter playground of the rich and famous, ‘Rebellion of a Chalet Girl’ is the latest addition to the fabulous ‘Chalet Girl’ series.

Find out more about the Chalet Girl Series:
Lorraine Wilson

Thanks  for stopping by today, Lorraine! Wishing you loads of success with the Chalet Girls Series!